5 Easy Ways to make your big shoes fit

5 Easy Ways to make your big shoes fit

Ways to make your big shoes fit:

Are you facing shoe bites every day? Are you heel slipping out of your shoes or your toes are sliding forward? All of us have encountered a problem like this every once in a while and all of us have wonder if we could just make shoes a little wide. Sometimes you may have gone out of the way and bought a pair of shoes that is ill-fit just because they look beautiful on your feet.

Ways to make your big shoes fit

  1. Pile on the socks
  2. Fill up space
  3. Invest some money in insoles
  4. Use ball of foot cushions
  5. Use ball of foot cushions

This article will show you some ways that will help you to meet your shoes a little big.

Pile on the socks

If your shoes feel too loose to you then you can try making your shoes fit better by stuffing them with your socks. You can put as many pair of socks you want in the shoe to fill up all the space in it.

This is the easiest method that you can try to solve this issue. All office has a bunch of socks lying around in our home.

This is a great option if you are trying to fit your athletic shoe or boots because these are the type of shoes where you require to wear socks.

Fill up space

If you are in no time to have to to make a fuss around to fit your shoes perfectly then you can try this method. All you need to do is to gather some cotton pads, toilet paper, tissue paper etc.

And stuff it in the tip of your shoes. This is especially the best technique if your foot keeps on sliding between the front and the back portion of this shoe. It is also an easy fix when your shoes are pinching.

Invest some money in insoles

Today many people ops to use shoe insoles which is the top choice among people today. This is a very good way to fall out space in an even way throughout your shoe which also gives you some extra support on your feet.

A pair of insoles that you get is not there for always. They also have a lifetime and you need to replace it when required.

Use ball of foot cushions

If you find that you are uncomfortable by placing insoles in your foot then you can try this perfect solution. Instead of using and insole you can use a special cushion that is supposed to be placed at the ball portion of your foot inside the shoe.

This gives you a much more comfortable fitting. These cushions are made to give you a comfortable fit when using an insole make them feel uncomfortable.

Use ball of foot cushions

Another option that you can use if your shoe is just lightly big is a stick-on heel strip. These are exactly like the cushions that are placed on the heels instead of on the balls of the feet.

These trips are very small and adhesive and can be placed anywhere in the shoe. Before you proceed to stick them on your shoes try to see how comfortable they feel on your feet.

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