Ways to repair split sole on shoes

Ways to repair split sole on shoes

Ways to repair split sole on shoes:

Replacing shoes is not easy sometimes due to a tight budget or a short time. Rubber soles of shoes usually wear away after a few months or regular use. Hand-painted shoes usually split, so to keep them in good condition, you should know how to protect hand-painted shoes. You can easily repair minor splits in soles of your shoes. Let’s learn how to fix your shoes at home.

How to clean hand-painted shoes?

The first step is to remove debris from the shoes. Clean your shoes thoroughly by using some detergents and look warm water. Take a shoehorn and adjust it carefully.

Take shoe repair adhesive and fill up the split. Wipe away the excess glue with the help of some piece of cloth or a hard tissue paper.

Use an aluminum foil to cover the top surface and place it carefully. Check the instruction on the packing of the adhesive and let it dry.

How to fix the heel strap?

Expensive shoes are not easy to replace, so it is better to repair them if you have low budget issues. Do you love your high heels, but the strap of your shoes broken? No problem, you can fix it by spending only a few minutes. Let’s learn how to give your heels a second life.

The first step is to clean the strap of your shoes so that glue can work on it properly. Trim off jagged pieces and threads with the help of scissors.


Use glue to bind the parts of your shoe strap. Wait for some minutes and let the glue dry. Apply shoes between the parts of the strap and press them gently. Put some weight on it to make them secure.

It is better to leave it underweight for 24 hours. Before using it, test the strip by pulling it. Use a cotton ball and paint thinner to remove the excess glue from the shoes.


Repairing your shoes will give you the confidence to make custom shoes by yourself. This is how trust develops, and people start making custom shoes.

Does silicone helpful to repair shoes?

Buying expensive shoes is not a solution every time. Multiple materials are available to get your shoes repaired, and silicone is one of them. Assortment material is used in sole shoe manufacturing.


Analyze the damage that occurred in the sole of your shoes. You can twist your shoes and get an idea about the damage. You can also use a pencil to mark the broken area of your shoes. Clean your shoes and place silicon to fix broken shoes.

If you cannot do this, hire a professional such as Freaky shoes and get your job done. They also allow you to design your own shoes

Ways to repair split sole on shoes

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