Ways To Waterproof Your Leather Shoes

Ways To Waterproof Your Leather Shoes

Ways To Waterproof Your Leather Shoes:

Every shoes add to the personality of the wearer. Like all wearable shoes, mainly leather shoes are prone to some environmental factors like sand, snow, water, etc. If not protected or cared well, they might lose some of their shapes and shine and you can end up changing the pair too.

Most of the color bomb boots around have an already coated waterproof protective layer on artist designed shoes but they don’t ever last. You can coat them on daily basis at short intervals.


Ways To Waterproof Your Leather Shoes


How to make your leather shoes water resistant as per bucketfeet clearance?


The paste or cream available in the market acts as the product that helps in nourishing the shoes rather than waterproofing them. They don’t make the shoes 100% water resistant even. Moreover, you are exposed to rain or work in butchery where you don’t get a chance for drying the boots, you cannot manage for protecting them.

Here are some of the easy steps to waterproof the leather shoes


​Waterproofing compounds

There are various contradictions that which one works as a good waterproofing compound. The overwhelming product range might distract you. Let’s understand different options,

The wax based polishes: They are the ready made options available. They are known for offering usage and make them effective too. They are responsible for creating a wax layer between the outer environment and boot leather.


Just make sure you apply them on decorative sneakers after every few wears and the boot will retain the charm for a longer time. Don’t use any of the shiners or the nourishing cream for shoes if you apply the wax based polishing.

It creates a wax layer and even disconnects the leather to the outer world so that any tiner or shiner doesn’t reach it.


Spray compounds: They are widely used & effective as well. It helps in changing the color of the leather to a different tone. Before spraying on whole shoes, you must try a small patch on the back of your shoes. Let them dry, wait for the color change. If you are happy with the color result, then apply to your whole artist sneakers.


Waterproof Special compounds: They are the chemical and special based formula that is best designed for acting effectively as the wax based polish and sticks for a longer time than the wax.


Other ways of DIY waterproofing method


The beeswax trick is also a DIY method that can help in waterproofing the shoes.

Hairdryer and candle: They are available in everyone’s house. You can take one candle and can rub it on your leather pineapple shoes so that wax can cover the whole surface. As soon as the surface is fully covered with the wax, set your hairdryer to its high point and rollover your shoes.

Soon your wax will be melted and will be seeped in your boots pores. This process makes your leather color turn to a darker tone for graphic shoes.

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