Wrestling is a physical sport that involves two individuals looking to outdo one another on the mat. This sport is one of the oldest forms of competition in history. In West African, during the early ages, athletes faced each other in the ring in front of a vast audience. Wrestling helped young people to gain the respect of their peers and get a chance to impress the most beautiful women. This game has significantly influenced the modern era. It involves competitive and entertaining aspects.


The success of the game is centered on the athlete who has a comprehensive understanding of the game and knows what it takes to be one. A lot of time is invested in building a wrestler whose dream is either to win an Olympic Gold medal or even go pro. Most spend working out in the gym to make that superman likeability. This is fundamental due to the physicality attributed to the sport. Knowledge of the game helps the participants to approach the match differently. There are types of wrestling matches; they include belt-and-jacket style. Here, the spot that is targeted is the garment. The gear provides ground to plant a grip for taking down the opponent.


The other is Catch-hold styles that demand the athletes to hold each other and maintain that position till the contest comes to an end. Finally, the loose style, which is the most common form of the technique used in international competitions begins with the sports personas separated and continue to presume a desirable hold on each other. The competitive edge brought by these incredible people makes it very interesting. The fans derive thrill from the determination of the wrestlers as they cheer on looking forward to seeing who emerges victorious from the mat.


Notable wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Brock Leaner and more, started from competitive wrestling before turning the sport into a professional entertainment show. Though their achievements have everything to do with their proficiency, you cannot rule out the role sports gear play in these competitions. Some of the pieces of equipment you may need for wrestling include shoes, a singlet, headgear and a mouth guard to be fully ready to participate on the mat. The athlete’s pair of footwear stands to impact the performance of the wrestler and the game in general. Therefore, this underwrites the significance of shoes in sports and specifically in wrestling. It is crucial that you wear products that have minimal friction, provides maximum grip, and gives comfort amidst a tightly contested activity.


Freakyshoes.com offers a wide range of quality custom shoes. Here, the company provides you with a free platform to express your shoe ideas. Just like artists have canvases for their ideas, you have Freaky Shoes that give you definite alternatives if you are unable to walk your way through the process; even though there is a step-by-step instruction menu. For a wrestler, you are guaranteed of quality materials for our footwear.


Purpose of wrestling shoes


Wrestling footwear is designed explicitly for wrestlers. This, therefore, implies that you cannot use these products for other applications such as soccer, baseball, or any other games or activities. Although these shoes are made sturdy enough, it cannot withstand specific pressures exerted from divergent ends such as hiking and playing high-intensity sports such as basketball. In such a case, the shoe tends to wear out, leaving you to look for alternative sources of finance to procure new materials. Noting how costly such shoes may be, it is apparent that it would be imprudent to use these pieces of footwear for unnecessary uses.


The shoes are modified to emulate a barefoot. This is so, basing on the fact that the capacity that a naked foot has to grip the ground is enormous firmly. Therefore, for a wrestler who is starting has to be patient before purchasing shoes to consider the many factors that come into play. You don't need to rush into purchases until you figure out your niche. From here, you will be satisfied where you need to offer your sport.


What is the cost value?


Generally, customers will always look to save on any commodity. The main impediment to the success and acquisition of quality sports equipment is the price. Products which are overly priced may prove challenging to get especially for those starters who are looking at limited purchasing power. Therefore, beginners should consider shunning away from costly footwear. The tech and fabric integrated to complete the shoe are quite advanced. This contributes to the hike in prices.





Shoes a defining factor


Every athlete’s nightmare is losing a game that was meant to propel their career to a different level. For instance, imagine that you are in the final of the junior wrestling championships and you're favoured as the favourite to take the title. You would lose the match in no time if you lost focus to look at the opponent’s boots. A top competitor is one who maintains focus and determination until the end of the match. Being taken about the sports gear is equally the same as losing your competitive nature, but it was the shoes that were the contributing factor. Therefore, shoes can be the difference between a humiliating defeat and victory.


Even though when the audience looks at an athlete in this sport, they forget to pinpoint on the importance the shoes have on a match. This item is without a doubt defining factor since it can provide some ground advantage. Wrestlers are, in most cases, advised having depth knowledge of the shoe brands that provide not only the best shoes but also the most unique of them all. Freaky Shoes is accredited, such as being able to provide its clients with a field to improve their art and transform it into a living and walking idea. Therefore, stopping by the platform will go a long way to having a fun customer experience.


Based on the experience, wrestlers acknowledge that their shoes are crafted in a manner that offers both the ankles and feet additional support and stability. While competing, sports individuals sweat a lot because of the physical involvement of the game. The liquid falls in the mat, thus making it a slippery surface. One slight slip can lead to a career-ending injury. Thus, this creative design prevents skidding on the wrestling platform. Furthermore, exceptional detailing is considered a priority in many models, especially on the ankle area. This is because of the pressure exerted here; therefore, extra support above this foot region is a must to reduce the rate at which it can sprain.


Mental strength and body comfort are vital to winning a competitive game. Wrestling in itself involves almost all parts of the body. Great stamina is depended on how long your feet can keep you going since it's a vital contributor to that day's success. Besides, there is an imaginable need of traction throughout the match. Nonetheless, quality foot ware will provide that endurance and add that extra stability as they function against the mat.


Companies add value to this product as they look to satisfy the broad market. Due to this fact, clients are assured of getting these items in different categories and styles. Therefore; the myth that they only come in specific measures should be overlooked. Any athlete can find a shoe that is size appropriate. Consequently, status isn’t a determining factor, but the selection is because it’s only dependent on the customer’s taste and preferences. Additionally, this item can push the individual to attain full physical features and also increase their performance.


The material used in wrestling shoes


Developers are cautious when it comes to designing wrestling shoes. A lot of criticism is likely to be levelled against the brand if an athlete got injured because of the shoes. The shoes should be able to support the body weight and protect both feet and ankle from damage. Firm feet on the mat assures the athlete that they won’t slip during the intense training and matches. To reduce this, rubber is a common material in the manufacturing process. Soles of these foot ware are constructed from this textile because they can provide a good percentage of traction. Several companies have gone further and added studs to the bottom of the item to increase the grip on the ground.


Naturally, an integration of different texture such as leather or mesh is used by businesses to manufacture wrestling shoes. The decision about the type of shoes to put on is, at times, a result of how your feet respond to different materials. However, that is why we all look for footwear that will not only makes us look good but also one that will be comfortable to walk in. This luxury is brought both by how fitting the commodity is and also how moist the feet get. Sweaty feet can at times be destruction in matches as there would be divided attention between the event and the sliding inside the shoe. Therefore, choose items constructed from fabric like mesh which are breathable and have minimal skidding within the product.


Besides, leather is a better plan for those who are looking to have a protected feel. Foot ware made from this material is firm, and they provide a durable service lifeline. Though compared to mesh the feet will feel smothered and at times hot. Additionally, they offer weak ankles additional support. It would be important to avoid serious injuries basically by choosing what would make you feel relaxed, and you would be 100% focused in a tournament.


Foot ware features


There is nothing that can be bothering to a shopper like having limited knowledge of the product that you are planning to procure. Shoes especially wrestling ones, have descriptive details that at times can seem Celtic to some. Little know-how of these terms will not only be of advantage but also make shopping smooth. Below are some of this vocabulary that you’re in a position to come across.


Split Sole


A Split sole consists of double sections made of rubber. It is found on the lower surface of the shoe. One is located under the foot’s base while the other beneath the heel. This feature ensures that there is a firm hold on the mat and further creates room for flexible movement in the mid-section of the foot. Do not be alarmed when you fold a split sole shoe in half as some brands add this quality to the model.


Non- split sole


Unlike the spit sole that has discontinuous bottom from heel to toe, well the insole is the direct opposite. Although it is more massive than the other and less flexible, it makes it has more excellent traction. Also, they are more durable than spilt soles. A dilemma for the wrestlers rises when choosing between the two. The best option is to try them on and pick the one that makes you more comfortable than the other.




A last is a simple pattern or template that is made of either wood or plastic. The shape of this item resembles a human foot. In the shoe description, you will find the details explaining the symbolic purpose of the item.




This section of the footwear is the soft part between the upper segment of the shoe and the outsole. Much time is taken in forming this section as it is crucial. If not, the foot remains unprotected, and the athlete is prone to injuries. During competitions or work out the midsole absorbs immense shock. For this reason, advance technology has been developed to make it comfortable and increase longevity.


Upper section


This is the upper part of the sneaker involving the entire top of the shoe but excludes the sole. Wrestling shoes are mostly high to minimize risks of the ankle being damaged. Nonetheless, there exists an extra layer that provides support and stability. This layer also brings with it independent weight and height that makes it appropriate than the other shoes. Manufacturers inform the buyer on the material used here on the shoe tag. If not the case, the consumer can still visit the company's website for more details.




TPU also called thermoplastic polyurethane. Some brands will indicate the specific parts of the shoes that they have used in this texture. Mostly it is light in weight and strong with features of being resistant to cracking. Shoes made from the fabric are not only easy to clean but also last longer.




The Outer Sole


The outer sole is just like the other parts since it complements the shoe. It forms the bottom layer which comes into contact to the outer surface. In other terms, this is the rubber bottom of the shoe. Different materials can be applied to make this part of the footwear. However, manufacturers of these products prefer rubber to all others. This is due to the traction it adds to the athlete’s advantage. Also, it is organic. Therefore, it guarantees an extended shelf life. Besides, rubber is readily available. The other materials are variations of rubber; for instance, inflated rubber can be used to make lightweight shoes to be used by runners. But since wrestling is highly physical, you need to plant yourself firmly to the ground; hence the EVA reinforced midsole and rubber outsole. Also, there's an option to increase the weight by making it longer such that it mirrors a boot.




Commonly known as ethyl vinyl acetate, EVA is a synthetic material preferred for its wide applications. However, it is mostly used in shoe companies as a material which is embedded in the midsoles. This material is double layered with plastic to ensure it has a strong trait of guarding the athletes from injuries. Statistics show that since there is a lot of pressure exerted on the feet while in training and competing; therefore, the fabric used in the midsole has to be tough and able to endure this pressure. This quality qualifies EVA as the most appropriate and effective option.


Lace Garage


This is a system in which the shoelaces are prevented from flopping. This happens while training and many make them untied, which can lead to a fall. Avoiding this destruction and remaining focused the goal of winning so lace garage will come in handy.


How do these shoes fit?


Appearance plays a crucial role in any profession or field. The first impression of an individual mostly stems from the shoes. This tiny accessory as an athlete can tell the audience of the level of professionalism the persona is equipped with. Another fact about footwear is the contribution it has on your confidence. Though it might not be too influential on the night's performance, it boosts that self-esteem. However, your taste, design and colour may have an influence in shoe selection the foot's width is the primary determinant.


It is proper to avoid limping while walking not because of injury but due to the toe being in a state of discomfort. Every individual possesses different foot dimensions; therefore; the shoe size will also vary. According to a wrestler’s size, it is vital to make sure that the footwear fits perfectly and there is additional room for the toe. Thus, comfort is guaranteed.


Shoe comfort for athletes in this sport provides the traction they need of the wrestling mat. When there exist minor movements in the item, then the fans might end up getting the match they had anticipated. The good thing about these commodities is that companies provide the consumer with varied guidelines on how to select this sport's foot ware. Many of the popular brands in the market offer diverse sizes. Both Adidas and Asics produce half size larger than what one buys, while Nike adds one size larger than what you usually purchase. For instance, when you visit freakyshoes.com for these shoes, remember that if you are looking for Nike and you often adorn size seven take-home size 8. For the other two manufacturers, 7.5 will do.


Additionally, note that shoes meant for this sport are lighter in comparison to the regular ones. The sock-like design embedded in them contributes to their elasticity and mobility on the wrestling floor. This adds extra freedom to make that critical finishing manoeuvre. They should further add the feeling like they protect the toe, ankles and toenails to avoid thinking about any damage to the foot. Furthermore, you will know that it is correct to fit because when compared to the regular footwear cushioning isn't similar at the footbed.


Care for your shoes


Shoes of the best quality in the market are expensive to acquire. Mostly since they are made of a distinct material; longevity is assured, but this would be dependent on the care you give them. Since gear is fundamental in any sport, then you would want to reduce expenditure due to carelessness.


People forget to or tend to avoid to untie their shoelaces after the day ends. Untying them reduces unnecessary pressure that is added to the fabric. When one doesn't do this, the material may get damaged and resulting in unwarranted expenses. Furthermore, the outer sole should be continuously checked to avoid sliding in the mat because the item might lose the grip it possessed with time. Experts, recommend you to invest in grip gel which adds an extra level to the sole. This additional layer will continue to reduce the risk of slips, and your feet will be firmly in contact with the floor.


After spending so much time in the training, the athlete is bound to sweat. To safeguard the trainers from the stench don't immediately stuff them in the bag but let them dry first. Let the moist air disappear into the atmosphere and then keep them. Besides, you'd be protecting yourself to bacteria that flourish in this kind of room. To avoid such type of infestation, the shoes must be keenly looked after.


In addition, shoes bend and lose their desired shape because of how they are stored after visiting the gym. Mostly after regular daily routine, you will stuff them into the trainer bag alongside with the other gear. The additional equipment on top will increase the chances of altering the design. To prevent them from this process, make sure they aren't stacked in the same gym bag as the other items and don’t forget to get them out when you get home.


Another method to keenly protect them for wearing is to use them when wresting only. Often remember to take them off in an instance that you aren't either practising or competing. This is so because the soles of the shoe are manufactured less durable material. Desist from having a walk-in them and if you have to seek a better option.


Nonetheless, the most important means of looking after sneakers is cleaning them. Therefore, know that wrestler's shoes can also be polished to increase durability. They can be hand washed by using water and soap. The body requires a damp towel that will be rubbed of the surface that needs cleaning. After this let them sundry and they will be ready for the next day. Since the laces are part of the shoe remove and wash them separately.


Lastly, accompany the shoes with socks. As much as the other wrestling equipment is essential, so is this item. The boots will automatically fit because they add a layer of cushion to the foot. This increases stability within the foot ware. This kind of comfort can assist in having a successful match. Moreover, they will not only promote longevity but also absorb the sweat hence minimizing the stench factor.


Boxing and wrestling shoes


The two sports are both performed in a structure like a ring. Moreover, the pairs of footwear from these franchises might look similar. For example, a beginner wrestler whose knowledge of its shoes is diminutive might confuse and purchase boxing footwear basically because they don't get the difference. Though physically, they might have some standard features, they also consist of traits that make them dissimilar.


Boxing as a sport is mostly done while opponents face each other when they are standing. The upright position they assume makes them susceptible to ankle injuries since they fall a lot. Boxing athlete’s shoes are designed with higher ankles positions than those of a wrestler. This gives the foot protection from unnecessary career-retiring injuries and that extra body weight support. Movement of the boxer in the ring is mostly first. This makes the producers create soles that are smooth for boxing in the canvas to reduce the friction.


In addition to having a smooth sole, they are fitted with material which makes them not to acquire similar traction to that of wrestling. In the wrestling mat, better foot traction will prevent slipping in the canvas in any tournament. That is why some of its shoe brands add studs to the sole. In terms of availability, it is easy to find wrestling foot ware in the local sports gear shop than boxing.


Furthermore, synthetic fabric is used in the manufacturing of boxing shoes. Some companies integrate mesh in the shoes making process to allow breathability and reduce the level of sweat. With these few separate traits, then you can make your purchase online.


Do these shoes appear big or small?


Shoes that generally are good give the athlete the necessary grip they will need during a match to influence them to do their best. Besides, the wrong pair can cause damage to the foot and distract the individual. That is why the foot ware runs smaller than the ordinary sneaker we put on when invited to that outdoor gig. The shoelaces are close to the ankles to ensure the foot is firmly tied inside.


Based on the earlier insight about the size, every brand provides consumers with adequate information. Subsequently, they come more significant and not smaller. Additionally, it needs to be as cosy as possible to provide the extra support on the ankles and makes sure the sole offers better traction. Keep in mind that both feet and ankle are dissimilar, the most effective way of picking the perfect wrestling shoe is owning one that is a half size larger than the usual training shoe.


Do I require many pairs?


An individual who has just joined the sport needs a single pair. They will perform their duty if they are only used during practices and competition. One pair will demand great care for them to pull through the rest of the season; therefore, follow the steps provided on how to maintain them. Nevertheless, as you advance in the game procure additional foot ware. You will be able to rotate on the days you will put on a specific one as this planning will increase the life span. Also, this means more time for the shoes to dry after cleaning; therefore, preventing stinky shoes.


The Bottom line


Wrestling as a sport is adored by many all over the world. Great wrestling icons have been able to inspire many generations of wrestlers that this top-level competition is also popular when comparing it with soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball and many more. Wrestlers such as Ortiz, Lesner, Curt Angel and many more are a former wrestler who was built on the mat and went on to dominate in both professional wrestling and MMA.


Young wrestlers, therefore, have a range of opportunities in this sport. An actual wrestler should exhibit love for the game both on the mat and off it. This is through the knowledge of the competition and the gear. Just like a soldier is always well equipped for duty, so should such an athlete. A shoe is among the essential equipment that these sports personnel shouldn't ever forget to carry.


The footwear provides the wrestler with the stability required during a match because it such an involving sport. A comfortable shoe does boost not only your confidence but also puts the mind free from the worry of any destruction that may arise from it. Besides, the best brands have invested a lot in production, material selection and design to make sure they have excellent traction to reduce slips and also protect the ankle from injuries. Therefore, a wrestler’s performance can highly be determined by the shoe, so procure one that fits perfectly.

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