Wrestling is one of the oldest games to exist. Before the more regulated game you see nowadays, there was once a fighting game that existed long before Christ that involved gladiators fighting it out in the arena to entertain the people. In fact, it was the highlight of a celebration where the renowned championed got to be challenged by another fighter.


It was from such games that gambling was born and still rides strong in our societies today. It fair to say, however, that the game has lost popularity considerably as people have turned to other sports such as basketball, football, and Olympics to entertain them. Besides wrestling was a people's game. If it was abandoned along the way, it must have been the people who let it go.


Earlier, the game was used for entertainment and gracing significant events such as trade charters, unions, etc. nowadays, it is a sport and a career to the many that engage in it. In today's arena, there is a ring and a mat. People tend to spend lots of time on that match as they grapple and clinch each other until one emerges victorious. One of the able features that are likely to give an athlete an edge over the other is having top wrestling shoes.


Such shoes should be able to provide the wrestler with sufficient traction to resist push or pull. Therefore, wrestling shoes are pieces of footwear that are custom-made for the athlete to provide traction for the wrestler’s feet to resist force being applied by the competitor. On the other note, wrestling is a close-combat sport with two opponents that aim to outdo each other on the wrestling mat in the ring in order to earn points. Just like any other games, wrestling has its rules.


The need to be unique has driven the producers to design their pairs. They, however, integrate standard materials such as rubber in the soles. Rubber is a synthetic material and would go a long way to improve the traction of the shoe on the wrestling mat. Some companies allow for athletes to design their own brands such as Freaky Shoes, freakyshoes.com.


This company provides its clients with an open platform where they can conveniently brand, edit and create their shoes. Shoe customization is a cutting-edge technology that involves heightened ability to reproduce a three-dimension platform on the site and reproduce similar items as those designed. Additionally, some brands offer shoes that are made with studs to improve the athlete's sturdiness and resistance to force.


Traditionally, athletes never used to wear shoes while in action. That changed, however, the design of the pairs of footwear that are produced try to mirror the possibility of the athlete fighting without shoes. This is why the sole is made to look and feel like a barefoot. With the thin bottom, the shoe is light enough to support all athletes' manoeuvres. Furthermore, the boots are long enough and cover the ankles to protect them from sprays and injuries that may result from struggling and fidgeting.


Among the many features that wrestling shoes should have, a tight fit is one of the most important. Tight-fitting shoes help to enhance the comfort of the athlete. You can imagine spaced footwear and the wrestler has to move around squeezing their way to victory. Usually, it would leave the player with bruises and blisters that may be painful depending on the intensity of the game.


Other than this, you ought to consider the material of the shoe too. For instance, if you choose a leather boot, then you will have to brace yourself for poor aeration in the shoe. This has its effects ranging from developing stinking feet and shoes to having excessive sweating in the footwear.


Should you wear Socks with Wrestling Shoes?


Wearing socks under your feet while putting on wrestling boots falls squarely to your preferences. If you like wearing socks, then there is nothing wrong with arming yourself a pair or two. It, however, a slippery road when shopping for wrestling shoes when intending to complement them with socks. This is due to the fact that not all sock pairs are suitable to be used in shoes, especially if you are going to participate in a high-intensity activity.


You are always advised to consider cotton socks over nylon. Socks not only protect you from blisters, but they also protect your feet from getting a microbial infection such as athletes' foot. While absorbing your sweat, socks prevent perspiration from flowing into the shoe, thereby reducing the chances that the boots would absorb the sweat instead and create a conducive environment for bacteria to spread and attack your feet.


Furthermore, good quality socks can preserve the interior of the shoe compared to cheap options which may leach the interior footwear colour that may end up staining the shoe. Also, they are not breathable and have a low absorption rate. Moreover, if there is any material that guarantees better sweat absorption is cotton.


Your choice of wearing socks or not does not have any bearing on your prowess as an athlete. In other words, it does not enhance or diminish your abilities as a wrestler. However, for the purposes of comfort, if you choose to wear, ensure that you try them out before gracing the arena. Your comfort determines the outcome of the match regardless of socks or without. Pairs that are too tight or loose may damage your feet while in action.


The hygiene of wrestling of the shoes should always be maintained whether wearing socks or not. Damp environments that are well aerated usually invite bacteria. When these pathogens attack, you may even be tempted to lose your footwear. Therefore, they should be kept clean and dry. Also, in order to keep your feet healthy, you should use an extra pair of boots to keep the infections at bay. This allows the other pair to dry and be aerated appropriately before you get to wear them again.


Why you should consider tight-fitting wrestling boots


A right shoe is one which fits tightly on the athlete's foot. At Freaky Shoes, you are able to design your own pair to fit your foot well without necessarily having to try them on. Wrestling boots are produced in a particular design that imitates and angles your foot so that, it would be more comfortable and straightforward to move in them comfortably. This feature also helps the wrestler to achieve the desired traction and strength in the feet to enhance their chances of success.


Always choose a natural fit rather than an extra tight fit which could, at some instance, be uncomfortable for you. This is because your feet do swell when engaged for long. And since they are enclosed without sufficient air circulations, you may experience some discomfort. Furthermore, it is easier to spray your ankle with loosely fit shoes as with tightly fit pairs of footwear.


It is not abnormal that the game has categories for children too as other games. This means that they equally need the sportswear just like their elder counterparts. When it comes to children’s shoes, you need to be careful with them o avoid blisters. Usually, you will need to leave some space between the foot and the front for growth. Ensure, however, that you are careful to ensure the same comfort for a youngster's boot.


Sampled brands of wrestling shoes


Wrestling requires athletes at their best during a match. It is a strength-based match where there is a lot of pull and push which intensifies at some point. It is at the player's discretion to choose the kind of footwear they would grace the arena with. When you enter the wrestling mat, you are expected to give your all. From the sponsors to the fans and other stakeholders in the game, even including yourself shall be looking for a victory. Shoes are significant factors in such a situation.


When looking for an excellent option for a pair of your wrestling shoes, you will always go for those that fit your specifications and requirements. Below are a few reviews of some of the best brands in the market.


ASICS Men’s Split Second 9


ASICS is one of the best brands of shoemaking companies in this sport. Their Split Second 9 goes a long way to ensure that you have the best according to your ability on the mat. All its features are standardized such that they are capable of offering you the best support, flexibility, breathability, and traction. Such qualities help you as a competitor to keep up with the tempo of the match. Even in highly intensified sessions, ASICS Split Second 9 offers you high performance and stability on the mat.


The split-second 9 has its tops made of synthetic materials. It is further made mesh-like so that it boosts the quality of airflow in and out of the interior of the shoe. This specific brand offers the best support for your ankle. Therefore, you can be able to focus on your match without necessarily worrying about ankle injuries. Besides, ASICS Split Second 9 gives you an excellent snug fit; hence, wrapping your foot around well to maximize comfort while minimizing the risks of injuries and blisters.


The pair is light with a split sole design such that you have all the flexibility and agility you need to efficiently and effectively gunner a victory. You are able to move faster on the mat, and at the same time, they have treads on them to enhance your traction at the key points.




  • Synthetic and Mesh uppers for superb airflow

  • Split-sole design

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Great traction

  • Lightweight design




Material, sole type, and level


The material is majorly synthetic, and meshes. It comes in a split sole design and can be used at an advanced level.


Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero


Adidas brand has been in the market with footwear and apparel for as long as you can remember. Their involvement in this field of wrestling footwear should not come as a surprise. To some extent, Adidas produces some of the best wrestling gear brands in the market.


The Adizero is just one of the many brands that are made to enhance the athlete’s performance on the mat. Many have come and gone, the quality and craftsmanship of the Adidas Company to make sports-related gears remains stronger than ever. Whenever you are shopping for a wrestling shoe, the chances are that you have already made a resolve over choosing Adidas among other renowned brands in the market.


Adizero has a great look with a suede outsole. Also, it comes reinforced with rubber for the best grip on the mat at all times. Furthermore, this brand of footwear fits well. It gives the wearer the feeling of being barefoot so that they feel flexible. It further gives you the ability to pivot yourself with robustness and precision without having to lose your footing.


This particular pair of Adidas wrestling shoes are lightweight and incredibly flexible. It is also available in variable colours giving you a choice on what you want. With heightened comfort and design, you need Adidas Performance Men's Adizero for your next combat wrestling match.




  • Breathable mesh uppers

  • Suede outsole

  • Rubberized inserts for superb traction

  • Flexible

  • Lightweight




Material, sole type, and level


Adidas employs the use of synthetic fibre and textile in the production of the Adizero wrestling shoes. They also use the hybrid sole to come up with a shoe product that can be utilized at an advanced level.


Wrestling Shoe Buying Guide


The essence of your need not be reiterated. It is even more pivotal when it involves a game and an intensive competition like wrestling is more demanding. Wrestling has for long advanced to even higher levels that require specialized pieces of equipment such as shoes.


This was brought about by studies and technologies, which suggested that improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the sports gear helps in enhancing the ability and prowess of the athlete. The player is, therefore, able to post more positive results than before.


If you have ever gone shopping for any of the sportswear, you will attest to the fact that it can at times be overwhelming with the many brands and price fluctuation. It is squarely upon the wearer to decide the pair and brand they are comfortable in. However, one pertinent factor that you should always keep in mind is the pricing of these products.


The question is, with the budget you have, what are some of the best pairs of footwear that you can purchase, and what factors should you consider in this case? Well, to buy the right kind of shoes, here are some tips.


Consider the sole type.


Wrestling shoes come in two main types. One is the unisole while the other is a split sole. The two features have specific advantages and disadvantages. Before making a deal on the purchase, ensure that you know the two that you can differentiate.




During shoe manufacture, the designer has to decide whether to use a single piece of rubber to cover the entire sole of the shoe or use multiple parts instead. With unisole model, the designer uses a single piece of rubber to make the whole sole of a shoe.


One of the most important benefits of going this road is that unisole method helps to distribute the weight of the athlete all around the sole surface for maximum traction and optimal stability. Additionally, shoes made using a unisole last longer and are more rigid hence offering more support. Typically, unisole shoes are recommended for heavyweight wrestlers.


Split sole


Here, the design of these kinds of shoes demands that two separate pieces of rubber be used in the manufacture of soles to be attached to the synthetic material. The model of the footwear tries to mirror the shape of the foot.


Therefore, it is particularly ideal for lightweight wrestlers as well as those who like featherweight footwear. These kinds of shoes enhance the flexibility of the athlete while at the same time, they boost the comfort of the foot by supporting its key points.


The material


Using shoes that have meshes on the top side is one of the most common advancements in this sector. However, the type of material remains a vital concern for producers, designers and players in equal measure. Mostly, leather and synthetic fibres are employed in the manufacture of wrestling footwear.


The burden of choice, however, remains with the wearer. It is upon the athlete to choose the type of material to be embedded on the shoe. In this case, you can successfully pass down your opinion on the manufacturers directly by designing your own shoe.


Freaky Shoes gives you this platform whereby you can have all choices by yourself. The final product shall be according to the models you submitted for production.


Freaky Shoes, freakyshoes.com is an online platform and company that lets you customize your footwear, and then they produce it according to your specifications then send the shipment to you. The positive thing is that they deal in all kinds of footwear, including leather, synthetic and textile boots.


Each material you choose has its set of benefits that may directly impact your game. It is with this reason that lightweight wrestlers will consider synthetic materials which are light in terms of weight over other materials. Whereas, heavyweight wrestlers feel more comfortable with shoes made from robust and durable meterials such as leather. Leather and other heavy-duty materials are pricey. This means that you will need extra investment into your shoe-game.


On the other hand, materials such as synthetic fibre are quite affordable; therefore, depending on your budget; you can get some of the best bargains in the market to that account. In other terms, lightweight shoes are cost-effective and effective for those who are looking for speed and agility.


Individual features of the shoe


As earlier observed, different brands of shoes try to outdo each other in the highly competitive world by improving their product to go further than the approved standards.

By so doing, they try to be unique by employing fancy features with hopes of luring their customers to come for more and even increase their customer base. It is from such specifications that you can choose your footwear depending on your taste and preference.


An easy example is the type of soles used. One would prefer a split sole over a unisole. However, this is not what the rest of them are likely to settle for. Therefore, features presented by various companies will also determine the kind of shoes you purchase.


Ankle support


Most of the wrestling shoes come with lengthy extensions at the top. This feature helps to protect the ankle from injuries that may be inflicted by shoe-related risks. Notwithstanding, the market still has shoe types that are level or lower than the ankles. Therefore, as much as you want to choose the best option, keep in mind that your ankles need protection.




Confirm that there are treads on your shoe. Your stability and strength in the game depend on these little features on the shoe. To enhance traction on the mat, manufacturers include treads on the soles of your footwear. There are two main styles or patterns used in this case.


We have circular and V-shaped patterns. Those who prefer V-shaped styles like to have a firm grip on the surface of the wrestling mat. Whereas, circular designs on the sole help the athlete to enhance their speed and mobility on the floor. This means that V-shaped patterns are likely to be more beneficial to heavyweights while the circular counterparts are ideal for those wrestlers who fall in the lightweight category.


Shoe quality


This is a broad definition for you. You already know how overwhelming it is to shop for the right wrestling shoe, but it is more hectic than you may imagine. It is even time consuming and may turn out to be an expensive venture in the end. Regardless, you need to consider the quality of the shoe you are buying.


It should fit well, have minimal risks that may lead to injuries, and should be durable. With all the variables you have learnt to consider, it would be a simple affair to shop for wrestling shoes the next time you hit the store. Besides, if you wanted to cut costs and time, then freakyshoes.com has got your back.


How Much Should I Spend?


If you have ever been to a shopping store for sportswear, then you know that the price does not necessarily represent the superiority or inferiority of a product. It depends on the item brand, game etc.


Typical retail prices for wrestling shoes are $50 to about $150. It would be advisable to choose the shoe that fits your budget rather than spend too lees and getting a product you did not need, or spend too highly just to get a standard.


Men’s Vs. Women’s Wrestling Shoes


From the above discussion on brand samples, you might have picked a few expressions of "men's" shoes. Typically there aren't any differences between men's footwear and those worn by their female counterparts. There shall be a significant disparity in shoe sizes, but they are generally designed for all sexes and are suitable for use at any time.


Kids Wrestling Shoes

If you are wondering whether you can find wrestling shoes for our toddlers, the answer is yes. The sizes are as follows.


  1. K10 (or 10K) b. K11 (or 11K)


  1. K12 (or 12K) d. K13 (or 13K)


  1. 1 f. 1.5


  1. 2 h. 2.5


  1. 3 j. 3


  1. 3.5 l. 4


  1. 4.5


Generally, it is advisable to choose shoe sizes that are slightly higher than the usual ones your child wears or to some extension, those that you wear. Sizing in wrestling shoes slightly differs from the conventional footwear numbers that you may have used to.


Shoe parts


You might have heard of these terms but didn’t know what they mean in a shoe. Read on and learn.


Last –

this is a form of a model in the shape of a typical human foot that is used by designers to trace the foot for which a shoe is being sewed for.



this is a sturdy synthetic material used in shoes, especially in the midsole for reinforcement. TPU essentially stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is sturdy, and it is resistant to cracking and abrasion.


Split Sole –

it is some kind of a sole that involves having the rubber sole to be designed with two distinct sole sections. Usually, this provides it with enhanced flexibility and reduced weight. Also, it increases the traction of the shoe on the mat during a match. However, at their expense, this style of sole installation is not durable - at least not as lasting compared to unisole footwear.


Lace Garage –

it is a term used widely in reference to the method of tying laces to prevent them from getting untied or dangling during a game.


Upper –

the upper is the top part of the shoe. It, however, also refers to the materials used in the design of the footwear.


Outsole –

you might call it the bottom or the undersole. This is the part of the shoe that literally come in contact with the mat while vertically standing on your feet. It also includes the extension that wraps up at the sides of the shoe.


Midsole –

The midsole covers the part between the uppers and the outsole. It provides protection and cushioning for the foot.



EVA is ethyl vinyl acetate, it is a human-made foam for cushioning of your midsoles.


Caring For Your Shoes


The pricing of the shoes in the discussion above proves that they form a significant chunk in your budget, especially if you are a professional wrestler. Taking good care of them goes a long way to preventing footwear budget from eating too deep in your overall expenditure plans. Here are a few tips on shoe care.


Normalize using them for wrestling only – this may come as quite obvious, but it is upon you to ensure that you make your shoes to last longer. This can be realized by providing that they are only used for their purpose since their slim soles cannot sustain strenuous activities such as walking.


Keep them fully aerated and dry between your wears – wearing shoes with dampness from the sweat of the Yester-wear is a bad practice. Usually, bacteria stick on this dampness and spread, releasing some smelly funk that ends up engulfing your footwear such that it becomes fully invaded. If you want to keep the proper smell in your shoes, ensure they are adequately dried and aerated before you slip your foot inside.


Wear Socks –

socks not only prevent blisters, they also prevent bacterial infection, fungal attacks, and to some extent, it increases the life-span of your shoe.


Keep them clean –

always ensure that you are at the upper hand with cleaning your footwear. Dust off any particles before storing and wash them regularly with a detergent to keep bacteria at bay. Washing shoes also enhances the shelf life of the boots.


The bottom line


Wrestling shoes are a product of long time advancement in the field of wrestling as a sport. The manner in which these products are designed speaks volumes of what statistics have done in order to improve wrestling. A few things may have changed over the years, but the game still holds its ground.


Notably, you have been advised to pick these materials with great care since the prices don’t reflect their quality. Also, your safety should come fast. Wrestling shoes are not made like typical footwear. This means that they have to be applied for this specific function and not any other.


Wrestling shoes are unisex, and you can purchase any brand as long as you like it, you can afford it, and it fits you. Finally, to ensure that you match all these qualities without spending weeks in sportswear shops, turn your attention to Freaky Shoes.

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