History of Tennis Shoes

History of Tennis Shoes

History of Tennis Shoes:

Are you a tennis lover? Well, we all are! But have you got any curiosity how tennis shoes came into existence? Maybe once in a lifetime? No? Not a problem! Undoubtedly, the best quality of tennis shoes can bring your game to the next level. Because today in this article we will discuss the amazing history of tennis shoes, so stay with us!


History of Tennis Shoes


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When Was Actually the First Tennis shoe Made?

The first creation was with the rubber soles and canvas uppers, which were manufactured during the early 18th century, and the Slipper decks of the British Navy inspired that designs. 


History of Tennis Shoes


However, the tennis shoes—Plimsolls came around 1892, and those were had no left or right foot and so named as the sneakers. That is so because they didn’t produce sound when you walked, contrasting the other shoes of that time. Those pairs remained the same in design for almost a century until they started making their own tennis shoe versions. 

The amazing thing is it was the tennis shoes which were the original sneakers which we know today. But nowadays sneakers are a lot different from the tennis shoes we have at present times. 

In 1916, the United States Rubber company started launching their tennis shoe brand or rubber-soled canvas shoes, calling them KEDS! The design of those shoes remained the same with a little modification until the 1960’s when a lot of designers started experimenting exponentially to advance the standard of the quality of tennis shoes. 

The leading name is The University of Oregon coach Bill Bowerman, who wanted to design super lightweight shoes that offer a bit more grip to the wearer. The main aim of him to get a better-quality shoe that can provide a bit more comfort to his runners, which a super inner soles. 


History of Tennis Shoes


Tennis Shoe Name

It’s not well-known from where the name came; most known them as sneakers by another name, while many others name it rubber-soled canvas shoe. However, it was when in 1800’s sailors of British fleet looking for shoes which could be worn on floor to avert from sliding and slipping, those shoes became standard with rich lords, who then started to use them for playing sports, tennis, and hereafter the name tennis shoe came. 


History of Tennis Shoes


Why Call Them Tennis Shoe

We call them tennis shoe because they were invented for the navy, and was used by the rich for the sports since tennis was the popular sports of that time, and so they shoes got their name ‘tennis shoe.’

Moreover, all the athletic styled shoes were invented from tennis shoes, which came into being in the 1800s. Today, we call tennis shoes like sneakers, but tennis shoes are a far cry from sneakers.

History of Tennis Shoes

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