How to take care of your shoes and your feet?

How to take care of your shoes and your feet?

In this article, we are going to review thoroughly the things that go wrong while taking care of shoes. We all know that shoes significantly affect the personality of the people. 

How to take care of your shoes and your feet?

Whenever we meet the person knowingly or unknowingly, we do see the shoes of the person. 

Mostly, people do things that are wrong for the health of the shoes, sometimes we wear shoes and use them on the surfaces, which are strictly forbidden.

For example, the high top heels are incredibly tricky to take care of, and sometimes the women complain that it’s very narrow so that their fingers get squeezed inside the shoes.

Firstly, we will see how to organize our high top heels, low top heels, patent leather shoes, sneakers, custom shoes, and joggers.

Organize a nicely built closet and make some space for your shoes:

The first step of taking care of our things tells us that we should start taking care of our custom shoes, sneakers, joggers, and our things. You can buy a shoe rack and start setting your shoes in the shoe rack, or you can look for an empty closet. It is also possible that you can organize your clothes in the closet and make some room for the new members.

Whatever you do, it’s your choice but beware that you don’t do the following things:

  • Never stack the shoes on top of each other, as there are chances that they will leave a dirt mark that will be very hard to clean.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave your clothes or bulky goods resting on your shoes as they can squeeze and crush your custom shoes.

Make sure you perform the following things:

  • Create a particular place or storage for your favorite sneakers or custom shoes. If you like to wear shoes in pairs with clothes, always keep your shoe dust free and clean; you can do so by keeping them inside a box or container.
  • Make sure you maintain the shape of your shoes, sneakers, heels, suede shoes, and you don’t let them change their shape by pressing or squeezing them. You can do so by packing them in a loose or big box.
  • Always polish and clean your shoes regularly. You can buy specific tools for this, such as brush, polish, and cotton cloth.

Avoid stepping in the dirt:

This is the most crucial part. Always avoid stepping in the dirt. If you step in the dirt, most probably, the dirt will get stuck inside the backside of your shoes, and the pebbles will damage the outer sole of your shoes.

The shoes, such as Suede Leather Shoes, Canvas Shoes, and High Mesh Shoes, are susceptible to dirt and require much time to be cleaned. 

The mesh shoes, if they get dirty, their color will become brown (if white), and you will need much time in cleaning, and most probably, you won’t be able to change the color back to white.

On the other hand, shoes such as joggers, leather shoes are very stubborn, and they can be used in the environment such as dirty, and a stiff brush can easily clean them.

Always make sure that before wearing shoes, you should read the instructions carefully to see what kind of environment is suitable for them.

Use shoes only when you have to:

Use shoes only when you have to means that you don’t wear your shoes, joggers, high top heels, low top heels, or custom shoes unnecessarily. Wearing your shoes without any purpose and use will reduce the lifetime and durability of your shoes, and they will get worn out before time.


How to take care of your shoes and your feet?

Never give your shoes to others:

Well, it’s a simple thing that people tend to be less careful with things that are not theirs. If you let someone wear your shoes and he uses them roughly, that will affect the life of your shoes. So try to avoid lending your shoes to others.

One other reason is that you never know how they will use them on different surfaces. 

For example, if you give the leather shoes that you use on professional meetings to your friend, and he goes to play a baseball game with those shoes, what will happen to them imagine! 

I am not just putting it like that way as a joke, but it happened with one of our customers.

Always apply Waterproofing Agent When Going Out in Rain:

Not everyone is rich like celebs! And they don’t have their shoe wardrobes. So if you are going outside with the shoes that are sensitive to water, make sure you apply a waterproofing agent before going out; this ensures that your shoes will remain safe for that day or period. 

If you are going out for a full day, try to take the waterproofing agent with you and apply it before going outside.

Make sure you don’t wear high top heels, low top heels if you are a female on rainy days, and always be sure that you avoid wearing the fabric canvas shoes or sneakers on the rainy days as they are hard to clean.

So when you come back home from your work or wherever you went, be sure that you dry them and clean your shoes with a piece of cloth, so it removes the dirt and washes the backside of the shoes as well. Let them dry naturally and try not to use a blower.

Use old shoes to perform daily chores and work-intensive tasks:

So, you are going to have a busy Sunday, and you are going to do some load intensive or dirty work! Try using old shoes for these tasks. 

Using old shoes for dangerous and heavy tasks ensures the safety and health of your new shoes, and you don’t have to worry that working will make your new shoes dirty or damage them in any way.

If you don’t have old shoes, you can always purchase custom shoes from; our website offers fully customized shoes for any task, and you will get excellent and amazing discounts. But never wear new shoes for these kinds of tasks.

Feet Health:

In the previous section, we discussed how you could take care of your shoes. In this section, we are going to look in detail how a specific type of shoes are not suitable for your feet and how you can avoid certain things so that you can save yourself from pain and other issues. We will also suggest which kind of shoes you should wear to avoid diseases.

Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis):

Plantar Fasciitis is the pain in the heel of our feet. In the back of our feet, there is a connective tissue called “Plantar Fascia” that starts from your heel and goes back in the toes.

If you feel pain in the morning and it reduces during the day and starts again to hurt when you walk after sitting for a long period, then most probably you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain.

The most common factors are the following:

  • Age factor
  • If you are overweight
  • Shoes that you wear most probably the ones that can be bent easily or twisted whenever you try to wear them

If you are a person with flat feet and you have these symptoms, try to avoid wearing flat shoes or shoes with low arches.

If you don’t have flat feet, then you can buy flat shoes.

Ingrown Nails or Fungal Nails:

If you are the one who is wearing tight shoes such as tight high top heels or low top heels or any short shoes, they are also responsible for the “Neuroma or Morton’s Neuroma.” which is a benign growth and can occur anywhere in the body parts. 

In feet, it usually gets formed between 2nd or 3rd toes or in the foot, and this disease is more likely to happen in females as compared to men because women tend to wear short shoes and tight shoes.

If we talk about symptoms, then we can feel a burning sensation, numbness, or even a feeling that there’s something inside our shoes.

How to avoid it?

  • Always buy shoes after measuring your feet length. Try to avoid wearing pointy shoes or if you are fond of pointy shoes, then buy full-sized shoes that match your feet.
  • You can always buy custom shoes from that will be durable and comfortable with enough space to wiggle your toes in the shoes.

Suffering from Bunions or Hammertoes, Stilletoes can be the reason?

The main reason for bunions, hammertoes, or ball of foot pain is linked to wearing the high top heels or Stilettoes. 

Wearing heels increases the pressure on the nerves, metatarsals of the ball of the foot as the whole weight is centered on the heel. This can increase the risk of hammertoes or Bunion or even both.

We can say hammertoe is a deformity that occurs in a V-shaped deformity of toes. There are two types of deformities of hammertoes.

  1. Flexible Hammertoes
  2. Rigid Hammertoes

Flexible hammertoes are the ones that are diagnosed in early stages and are treated accordingly. But if they aren’t diagnosed early, they can turn into rigid hammertoes, and this can lead to surgery.

We advise the following solutions that can help you avoid leading to such severe conditions that are mentioned above.

  • We advise that you stop wearing the high top heels often and use them on parties. 
  • For work, we advise that you should use low top heels or decent canvas shoes.
  • Try to wear heels not more than one inch large.
  • Always wear a heel with a rounded box for toes so that you can prevent the additional pressure on the backfoot.

Health comes before fashion, remember this, and this is the thing that we advise all of our customers. is very considerate about the health of its customers; therefore, we offer custom shoes that are designed to cater to the needs of our customers. We will design comfortable shoes that will not hurt you, and we offer a discount on our custom shoes.

Pump Bumps or Haglund’s Deformity:

The pump bumps or Haglund’s deformity causes the backside of the feet to swell and inflammation in the backside of the feet. The pain is very severe and happens when you wear a heel. 

If we leave the pump bumps or Haglund’s Deformity untreated, it can lead to the filled sac between the tendons and the bone, which also gives an excruciating pain in the back of the feet.

The pump bumps can occur due to faulty foot placing and walking mechanism or due to high arch feet.

How can you avoid this disease?

You can do the following preventive measure to either stop further pain or avoid it from happening at all.

  • Avoid shoes that have a hard and stiff back; you can look for shoes with a softback at
  • You can also purchase heel pads that will be able to reduce the existing irritation.


In this article, we discussed the things that are very important and are related to the diseases; we also discussed the solutions to the diseases.  

In the first section, we saw how we could take care of our things and how we can organize our shoes, take care of them, and putting them in an appropriate box so that they remain safe from harm.

In the second section, we saw how wearing the wrong shoes or wearing heels often can lead to diseases that become severe if left untreated. We also tried our best to explain the diseases, their causes, and the preventive measure to avoid them in the best possible manner.

However, it is advised that if you feel any pain or issue regarding your feet, then you should get your self checked properly as the doctor will be able to suggest the appropriate method and treatment.

How to take care of your shoes and your feet?

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