Martha Stewart Covering the Red Bottoms of Her Louboutins With Black Sharpie

Martha Stewart Covering the Red Bottoms of Her Louboutins With Black Sharpie

A lot of people love the idea of buying Louboutins. They are great shoes and while you can design your own sneakers online free, using some pre-defined designs can also be a great option. The main idea here is to avoid any rush and really focus on delivering the best experience. It’s a great opportunity to consider, and it will bring in front some creative options to the table. That being said, people like Martha Stewart bought these shoes and really wanted to make them stand out of the crowd, which really brought in some interesting features. 

Creativity is key when it comes to protecting your shoes

When you make your own sneaker, you know that not everything is perfect. You still have to iron out some things here and there. But the right thing about all of this is that you get to have access to some simple ideas that will make a difference. In this case, the idea to create your own sneakers and also take care of them adequately in the long term does make sense. However, you need to go with a bit of trial and error, as long as you do that wisely and with the right approach. 

Martha decided to use a black sharpie on the red bottoms of her Louboutins just to keep them safe. This way if anything is scratched, people won’t really see it. When you create custom shoes with logo, you want to keep them safe. That’s especially true for the custom logo on shoes. You want to keep everything in a pristine condition and avoid any issues. Yes, it can be a drag and a hassle at times, but it can also bring in amazing results if you do it right. The idea is to just know what you are getting into and what experience you can receive in the end.

Is this safe?

Yes, you can be as creative as you can when you take care of your Louboutins. Sure, her idea is a bit out there, however a lot of people started doing this. Louboutins are known for being expensive, so you need to find out some ways to keep them safe and away from any damage. Yes, it’s not a walk in the park, but at the end of the day you can be very creative and you just need is to adapt and improve adequately for the best experience. It’s certainly worth your time, so give it a try.

Remember, reading online about Louboutin care and maintenance is going to come in handy. There are some official guidelines, and you do have some less official ones too. At the end of the day, you can go the DIY route if you believe that’s what will give you the best experience. Just make sure that you check that idea with multiple people. This idea is a good one and if Martha Stewart used it with great success, it might work for others too!

Martha Stewart Covering the Red Bottoms of Her Louboutins
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