Nonslip Shoes For The Elderly Guide

Nonslip Shoes For The Elderly Guide

Older people are more prone to many foot problems, including painful and swollen feet. However, they could avoid such problems by having the right shoe type for having the correct balance. Getting the right pair of shoes with good support could prevent the possibility of getting fall and having serious injuries. 


Shoes for Old People to prevent Falls

Yes, many shoes are branded, mainly manufacture non-slip shoes for the elderly, but none guarantee that they will not fall. But getting the right pair can help to reduce the fall chances to 90%. However, there’re some factors to consider while buying shoes for seniors. 

Factors To Consider While Buying Non-slip Shoes For the Elderly

  • Non-Slip Soles
  • This is the #1 factor to consider while buying shoes for seniors. The sole of the shoe must be firm, comfortable, and provide support to the foot. They should be super lightweight and shock absorbent, which will make less impact on the heels and ankles. 

  • Comfortable To Wear
  • The shoe must be comfortable enough as most foot problems arise due to uncomfortable shoes. However, you may need to find the best fit for your feet to move around for this. Getting a comfortable pair provides support to the toe area and offers more stability. For seniors, shoes must be well-padded and comfortable to wear. 

  • Maintenance & Style
  • Another factor to consider is, the shoes must be comfortable and easy-to-maintain. The best option is to go for stainproof and darker colors. Always go for the non-slip soles as oldies find it difficult to bend to lace up their shoes.

    Shoes for Elderly People with balance problems

    Falling is one of the biggest problems that older people face daily. They get bruised and could experience serious injuries, like broken bones and head injuries, etc. Often seniors experience less feeling due to lower blood circulation, along with weekend muscles, and so they tend to have balance problems.


    If you’ve flat feet, then here’s a wide range of collection of mens shoes for flat feet. 

    Getting a non-slip sole offers great contact with the ground and helps avoid bad falls, especially while walking. However, while walking, stability and security are important things to consider in their shoes. 

    Velcro Shoes for Seniors

    Those elders who find difficulty in bending down to lace up shoes could go for Velcro shoes. These shoes are super-easy to put and take off and provide great security with little effort. Moreover, these pairs can be tightened to lend significant support needed without blocking blood flow to the foot. 

    Shoes for Swollen Feet

    Those seniors who undergo swollen feet should go for shoes with a wide mouth and those that preferably allow for a little swelling. The best combo one could have the Velcro— the stretchable material with a non-slip sole. 


    As we’ve mentioned above, none of the slipper pair could guarantee to prevent falling, so selecting the right pair for seniors will go a long way in helping to prevent serious injury. 

    Nonslip Shoes For The Elderly Guide
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