Smelly Shoes Home Remedies You Must Try

Smelly Shoes Home Remedies You Must Try

No matter how much money you spend on buying shoes, it'll cost nothing if your shoes cause the smell. It can be the most uncomfortable feeling when you put your shoes off, and there's smell everywhere. You can't describe what you feel at that time.

 Your shoes are the home to a large variety of bacteria. Continuous exposure of your feet to these fast-growing bacteria can make your expensive shoes nasty. It's sure for the boots to cause smell as the bacteria in the insole react with your feet' sweat. 

So if you're looking for the best home remedies to cure the problem of smelly shoes, we're going to help you a lot. After an in-depth analysis of all factors responsible for the smelly shoes, we've collected some of the best home remedies which will work.

Having a nasty or stinky at any point in your life is normal, but it's not normal to continue with the situation. You've to arrange some of the ways to stop bringing you the embarrassment just because of a smelly shoe.

Smelly Shoes Home Remedies You Must Try

Some Tips for Treating Smelly Shoes

We agree with you if you tell us that it’s unbearable to have smell problems with your footwear. But don’t worry now, the below list will help you a lot. So let’s dive in

  • Try Out Baking Soda Now

  • You've used baking soda in your cooking, but have you ever thought of using baking soda to keep your shoes away from the smell? It's the ultimate odor eliminator! You can use it to make your shoes new and free from odor.

    All you've to do is to take a few tablespoons of baking soda. Take a coffee filter and a rubber filter too. Put the baking soda in the middle of the coffee filter. After this, take some amount of essential oils. Well, this is optional (for scent). Now tie the filter with a rubber band containing the baking soda inside and leave the packet in every shoe overnight. You'll wake up with smell free shoes.

  • Sunshine – the best option

  • As we know that most of the bacteria aren't able to survive in the sunshine. So use this weapon and get rid of the nasty shoes. The primary reason for smelly use is that you don't dry them properly. The sweat and moisture give rise to a large number of bacteria, leading to foul smell.

    You can treat the problem by placing your shoes in the sunlight for a while. Please leave them in the sun until they get dry fully. The sunshine will bring you the magic of new shoes without any smell. This is all because of the evaporation of moisture from the shoe.

  • Try Some Salt

  • Besides cooking, you can salt for your shoes too. Most of the people love to wear canvas shoes. What's the reason? Because they are the most comfortable shoes you'll ever find. But the excitement drops immediately when they start causing the smell. But don't worry now, salt is the best remedy.

    For keeping your canvas footwear free of smell, run towards your kitchen and pick up some salt from there. Sprinkle it in your shoes and leave them for 2 to 3 days as it's a natural anti-bacterial agent so it'll stop the growth of all kinds of smell causing bacteria.

    Smelly Shoes Home Remedies You Must Try

  • Use Rubbing Alcohol

  • Besides disinfecting your cuts, rubbing alcohol can do a lot to cure the problem of smelly shoes. Bacteria – the primary reason for causing smell is not to grow properly in the presence of rubbing alcohol. It can vanish all scent in seconds.

    Take rubbing alcohol and out some amount of it on the paper towel. Take that dipped paper towel and rub it properly inside your shoe. Make sure to cover all the areas leaving no bacteria behind. Leave your shoe for a while after this process. It'll eliminate all smell causing bacteria from your shoe.

  • Use Some Fabric Softener Sheets

  • Taking the nasty smell off from your shoe isn't easy. It needs your whole effort. So try to do something different than the usual home remedies. Most of the sneakers demand something healthy to deodorize them so that you can use fabric sheets for this purpose.

    Take a fresh fabric softener sheet, keep into each of your sneakers, and leave your shoes for one night. It'll take some time to neutralize the nasty odor from your shoes. You can also use it to clean the area where you keep your shoes. This will make both the shoes and the area free of bacteria, causing the smell. 

  • Try Essential Oils

  • Do you know you can use essential oils too for treating the head scorching problem stinky shoes? Besides other purposes, essential oils are used by many users who're frustrated with the problem of nasty smell causing shoes.

    So we advise you to take out the bottle of essential oil from your cabinet. The best option is to use eucalyptus or clove tree oil. It smells fantastic. You can use it directly on the inner sole of your shoe, but if you don't want to do so, put some drops of oil on the dry paper and keep the form inside your shoe. Leave your shoes overnight.

  • Use the Used Black Tea Bags

  • Who doesn’t love to drink black tea? Almost everyone does! But have you ever imagined treating the smell of your shoes with those used black tea bags? Yeah, you can! The fantastic fact is that black tea contains tannins, which is the essential element to control bacteria's growth. 

    Take a fresh tea bag from the packet and leave it for boiling for about two to three minutes. Remove the teabag from the water and let it cool. After cooling, place it in your shoes and leave them for about an hour. It'll act as a natural deodorizer. After that, remove the teabag and dry up the extra liquid from your shoe.

  • Refrigerate Your Shoes 

  • Would you think of keeping your shoes in a refrigerator? Not! But believe us, we're here with an unknown, strange, and the most successful home remedy to treat stinky shoes. As we all know that lower temperatures hinder the bacteria from growing more, so refrigerating your boots can be the best option ever. 

    Take a plastic bag and put your shoes on it. Keep the plastic bag in the freezer overnight. You can also use a sealable plastic bag to present the smell of shoes in the fridge. Leave your shoes in the freezer, and the low temperature will kill all the bacteria, thus ending up the problem of smell in the most convenient way.

  • Use Some Baby Powder

  • We’re pretty sure that you love the smell of baby powder. Aren’t you? If you’re unable to stop the smell of your shoes, you can try out this precautionary step. It'll save you from experiencing embarrassing moments in public. 

    Put some baby powder in your shoes before you put them on. This will keep them away from smelling. Moreover, if you think that your shoes will smell after long hours of work, you can rub some of it on the shoe before slipping them up.

    Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes Now

    We’ve made sure to conclude every home remedy for making your life easy by removing the nasty smell from your shoes. You can try any one of them and get rid of the stinky shoes on the spot.

    Smelly Shoes Home Remedies You Must Try

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