It is a word that most of us are familiar with since it replicates footwear that we rock on daily. Sneakers are comfort shoes that protect feet from suffering injuries and provide support while strolling around. Can you imagine a life without sneakers? It is not worthy of living. Footwear is designed to provide dignity to people and cause them effective implementation of daily activities since it is a vessel of hope to the hopeless. When you provide shoes to a shoeless person, you glitter self confidence in them and they end up living quality life. 


Shoes date back to the early times when people were developing and discovering perfect means of living because feet got injured many times by thorns and rocks. However, sneakers have been popularized by companies like Nike and converse to being the hub of comfort to many individuals. However, the development of shoes is fascinating and shares deep history that dates back forty thousand years ago. It is evidenced by archaeological and paleoarcheological details that confirm the ancient struggle to create a solution to walking problems. In the upper Paleolithic period, people started to wear footwear consistently that consisted of soft material and tanned leather. 

The footwear could accumulate wide feet and toes to enhance efficiency. However, unlike the current shoe type we have, early footwear resembled moccasins or sandals and it maintained an awkward image. It is the effect of early inventions when people were less creative due to minimum knowledge because creativity grows with time because people innovate when met with urgency that prompts ideas. In the initial development of footwear in Europe, shoes were consistent to both genders since there wasn’t a proper definition of what men and women should wear. Fashion was out of question since people focused most on dressing rather than classy image. 

However, shoes are a definition of social status to both current and past generations because earlier, socially favored people wore footwear that was crafted from wood and possessed a black color. Low class people wore shoes of the same measure but the color was different, a definition of poverty and unreliability. In the 18th century, silk shoes became popular among the rich since it accommodated golden color which was a qualified quality of the priviledged. If a peasant achieved an equal standard, they could be welcomed by the footwear as a sign of their graduation to the high class. 

In the early eighteenth century, women’s and men’s shoes began to take shape. Cobblers defined a mode of separating both footwear to define the dignity of gender and social roles. Men could no longer rock on heavy shoes with high heels because it derailed effectiveness in doing their activities and women could fit in perfectly due to the background of their roles. 

However, the eighteenth century bred stylish forms of making shoes. The upper part of the shoe got made from cloth material that decorated the footwear and caused it to be good. Cushioning and protection of the feet had not been discovered therefore early footwear lacked ankle protectors. However, people walked with strategy and with care to protect ankles from tripping.

The most common types of ancient footwear got used in battle against rival kingdoms to achieve victory. However, there was no distinction between left and right shoes since all were made in the same manner. The discovery developed after people realized that walking in such shoes was tiresome and birthed many leg problems. It was a time when individuals dedicated skill and talent towards creating a solution to pre dominant walking issues. 

With the growth of technology, the journey of creating shoes became easier thus better forms of footwear emerged like in the great depression era, black and brown shoes flooded the American market therefore creating easy access to shoes. Academic experts wore the shoes to respective stations of research which accorded comfort to their daily work. Oxfords became a companion for men and maintained the trend until after the world-war II when better shoes got invented.  

Women’s footwear grew magnificently to highlight the foot due to its arched position that created consistent diversion of the heels.  Popularity of the boots increased with improvement of work positions for females. In the reign of sneakers, manufacturers created creative names to sell off stock because the labels referred to market structures. Some people refer to the footwear as tennis shoes, gym shoes, kicks, flats and running shoes since it resonates to the purpose of the boots in their lives. It is a creative marketing strategy that acquires success to the shoemaking firms to provide proper footwear for our use. 

The common use of boots in the development stages was in war. Let us look at the brief history of war. In the Bible times, kings took part in battle against rival kingdoms that proved to be a threat to the wellbeing of the nation. King David was a man of war after he defeated Goliath with a stone and a sling and made history with the single move. The word “ war” originates from a German name called werren that means “ to cause confusion” . Battle in ancient Germany happened due to political conflicts and misunderstanding between the people where war has been defined as politics waged through other means. 

Kings have acquired territories through war while the victim nations become desolate and devoid of resources. Mesopotamia gained power from strife against territories that bayed for its soil and even though Sargon the great of Akkad unified the land, people still continued the war. Soldiers wore heavy boots that provided stability during the struggle since protection of the feet is paramount. 

Egypt became an empire from war when pharaoh manes conquered the northern part of Egypt and acquired the whole area for himself. Pharaoh dictated the land for long and led it to extensive war against Israel and Greece while fighting for the dignity of the land. Preservation of culture was among the reasons why pharaoh waged battle against enemies like the Philistines, while conserving resources belonging to the state.

China shares the same story of using war to gain dominion. The Zhou dynasty rose to power after battling against the warring states period of (476-221) BCE and brought China under the rule of Shi Huangdi. 

Armies and their development 

Armies are categorized in infantries. Two types of infantries exist and their roles are perfectly defined by how they are executed. Shock troops, whose role is to close in with the enemy breaks the cycle of the opposing army to provide quality space for the other formation to attack effectively. Peltasts are the mobile group of an army that uses firearms from a longer range and attack rivals successfully. However, infantry is the backbone of any army because it creates opportunities for winning wars. A lot of armies have bought the ability of infantries to get clear targets even with the introduction of chariots and cavalry units. During the early regimes, troops consisted of small corps that did most work and created the need for peltast troops to be formed to help infantry corps with work. During the 1479 BCE Egyptians had a total of 20,000 soldiers while the Assyrian army had 120,000 people. 

Tribe and war 

The main cause of war in every land is tribal misunderstanding. When two people who speak different languages disagree about anything, the obvious result is a fight since everyone tries to prove a point. War becomes big when it involves many people who cannot agree and even worse if they have tribal issues. A tribe is an association of people who hail from one ancestor who could be real or mythical or a god and they believe that outsiders are a threat to their peace and tranquility. People could speak the same language and have common beliefs about a supernatural power watching them and it creates a bond among them. The ideology of dwelling in tribes always lead to the statement that it is “ us” against “them”. 

The greatest recorded war happened in Mesopotamia in 2700 BC and occurred between Sumer and Elam where Sumerians defeated the Elamites . The participants in the war hailed from different tribes therefore they couldn’t understand each other. To understand the relation of war and tribe, try disagreeing with somebody of a different language and you will end up fighting to prove points. 

The King of Uruk consolidated a team of fighters to attack his neighbor to procure cedar to build a temple where they caused damage to the victims but still left with the cedar. However, people claim that king Gilgamesh of Uruk is a mythical character but there is archeological evidence of his life that proves his impact on the land of Uruk. However, the people of Ur created a big wall to constrict people from Elam and Amorites from accessing them. In every war, there needs to be a counteractive structure that protects parties from suffering most destruction. 

Early warfare and military tactics 

The earliest picture evidence of war came from the people of Kish in the 3500 BCE. Jericho and Uruk are claimed to be the oldest cities in the world that carry rich archaeological evidence of activities that happened. The initial bow to be used happened in Mesopotamia where cemeteries provide evidence of the weapon. Soldiers would be buried alongside their paraphernalia to honor their service to the nation, therefore leaving evidence of their service. The earliest form of weapon was an arrow and the bow that covered a huge scale in fighting and warriors practiced militia art by the weapon. 

Another evidence of the use of a bow took place in Sahaba in Egypt where fifty nine skeletons were unearthed with the evidence of brutal killings using arrows and bows. In 1782, a group known as the Hyskos invaded lower Egypt and caused technological development to the region. Egypt began using bronze weapons and chariots in war and grew to using composite bow an advancement of the regular bow. The development of composite bows caused a revolution in fighting since the weapon could cover a large scope. 

Military formations and technology 

War entails strategies that should be comprehensive in fighting rival soldiers. Formation means that hero’s are arranged in an ascending position, where the best men are placed in front to deal the hardest task. The earliest war plan was used in Sumer c. 3000BCE and it would become a key strategy in war. The Phalanx formation was popularized in the battle of marathon in 490 BC when Greeks used it well to battle against Persians where they looted millions of property. It got perfected by Alexander the great during his campaigns, but the method got forbidden by the army of Rome. 

War has been essential in creating dynasties and developing nations. A candid example is the Armageddon war where the first recorded war happened in the battle of Megiddo in 1479 BCE. The term Armageddon is Hebrew for Megiddo a section that is controversial in the bible story where it is claimed that the final war between God and Satan shall happen. It is the foundation of the greatest mystery in history and worth research. War will continue to be an extension of political ideologies that will push selfish agendas to reality. 

However, our present generation uses sneakers daily. What people do not know about the footwear, is it hails from a long time when Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas invented the shoe company that is now the big deal in sports activities. However, other inventors like Charles Goodyear made footwear from the nineteenth century using rubber soles. Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization that allowed rubber to be molded into special shapes that resembled shoes. However, development of the footwear improved after someone suggested that footwear for croquet should be made and the sole should encompass rubber. It boosted the growth of sneakers from the nineteenth century to being the global choice of footwear.  It has magnified to being the basic need for sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, volley ball and wrestling. The biggest question in people’s minds is who invented sneakers shoes

Charles Goodyear was born on December 29, 1800 in New Haven Connecticut and he is credited to the process of making your perfect footwear. A great mind is always explorative and it wasn’t different for Charles since he began experimenting with natural rubber asking questions on how it can be used. People loved his thoughtfulness and the ambition was over the roof due to the desire of creating something that will change the world. 

In 1839, Charles discovered the process of vulcanization through standard experiments and came up with a simple shoe like structure. Thanks to him manufacturers have an easy time constructing sneakers for our use. However, he struggled to patent the process but it was hard since Thomas Hancock had recently documented vulcanized rubber.  Goodyear died on July 1 1860 while broke because he never got the opportunity to monetize his idea. However, the Goodyear tire and rubber company was founded in 1898 in commemoration to his name. You should struggle with your dream until it comes true because it is your only refuge in hard times. 

Natural rubber is a white sap with a creamy appeal that can be extracted from various trees across the world. It is also known as “India rubber” since it is mainly found in India. However, it is not easy to extract the rubber from trees since it requires expert activity and use of proper machinery. It needs to be coagulated with acid to remain soft and sticky and many American businessmen with “rubber fever” traded in the product to achieve maximum benefit from it.  

In 1834, Goodyear invented a unique life preserver air valve and presented it to a manager in a rubber dealer firm in Philadelphia and they were not interested in it. However, the greatest demerit of rubber is that it melted under hot temperatures and became sticky in cold environments and room temperatures too. Charles needed to solve the problem, and he never gave up though he underwent poverty and a lot of suffering. Investors rejected his ideas and he never made any money in the process. The situation was too bad that his family almost starved and he got jailed for his debts.  

Charles never put his guard down because he continued mixing dry powders in the rubber to make it less stickier and durable under any condition. In 1834, he discovered that nitric acid made the surface of the rubber less sticky, smooth and dry, a discovery that won him an opportunity to work with the U.S post office in Boston. However, the discovery was not on point because the rubber still melted after exposure to hot conditions but still Charles kept working to birth new ideas to improve rubber. 

The next move was adding sulfur in the rubber which was a huge success since the material became less stickier but was too soft for use. In 1839, Charles visited a Woburn Massachusetts general store and tried to sell the rubber, but the locals laughed him off. He made wild gestures at them and in the process some of the rubber flied off from the hand and landed on a hot stove in the room. He began to scrap the material from the surface and realized that it had become remarkably tough under hot conditions. He proceeded with the experiments for the following five years that his children nearly starved and he got too sick that he almost died. He heated his lump of sulfur fortified rubber against a tea kettle and completed his research on pressure steaming later known as Vulcanization named after the Roman god of fire. He received a # 3,633 patent in 1844 and his dream of seeing a world full of rubber came true. 

The rubber moguls who got frustrated by their earlier efforts to preserve their rubber stole Goodyear’s formula which costed Charles a lot of time and money in court. He lost patent rights on technicalities in the European land and at one point, he spent two weeks in a French debtors prison and later received the cross of the legion honor from Napoleon Hill 11. After his death in 1860, his children received enough royalties to live right, testimony enough that hard work and patience pays. The $ 6 billion per year rubber industry could not exist if not for the dedication of Charles Goodyear. He noted that he cannot complain that he planted and other people reaped since it is evidence enough that his efforts are correct. He observed that the only regret of a man is if he sows and no one reaps. 

Another hero in the shoemaking industry is known as Adolf Dassler the brains behind Adidas brand. Dassler founded the company in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany alongside his brothers originally known as the Dassler Brothers shoe factory. Adolf Dassler trained as a shoe maker in his small community of about twenty thousand people in Germany where he magnified his skill to being perfect for constructing effective shoes. He secured spikes from a local blacksmith and inserted them on the sole of the footwear to enhance stability in all games.  In 1924, he partnered with his brother and formed the “ Dassler brother  shoemakers”  who sold services to the citizens of their areas. 

In 1936, the brothers became popular after providing running shoes to Jesse Owens who won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. Dassler was the fourth child to Christoph and Pauline Dassler and grew up in a shoe maker’s hub. His father worked in the shoe making industry a factor that motivated Adolf to pursue shoe making as a passion. 

Adolf’s mother operated a laundry business which he assisted in operating. Adi completed high school in 1913 and his dad persuaded him to venture in the baking industry. However, his passion was in sports something that he shared with his childhood friend and he pursued it. He combined passion with knowledge and bred sports shoes since Adidas is the greatest sports brand in the world. 

1920-1922 inventive spirit and first shoe production  

Adolf was a competent athlete who participated in various games. He was a precise athlete and a keen observer too because he noticed that athletes lacked special shoes and it is a disadvantage. Adolf developed an entrepreneurial mindset and thought that if players had specific shoes to suit their practice, it would improve performance and add value to sports. Out of that simple analogy he proceeded to make shoes suitable for sports. Every businessman sees a need in the society and seeks to fill it therefore Adi did the same thing. However, there were challenges along the road because he had to fulfill obligations that other people had set for him. 

In 1918, he joined the military where served until 1919 when the war came to an end, but in the service, he magnified his concept about sports shoes that when he completed his time, he began pursuing the dream. However, the aftermath of the war could not favor the establishment of any enterprises because the nation was under economic depression and material for making footwear was not available. However, Adolf did small jobs to sustain his needs, where he could repair shoes for people in his town. He used the chance to gather local material and manufacture proper shoes but electricity was unstable. However, Adolf did not let the condition break his dream and he began producing shoes using a bicycle powered hand-made machine. 

Adidas shoe-company began from that level. Adolf sent some of the samples to players, coaches and trainers who responded by allocating many orders to him which they liked and used. However, Adi was young evidence that age cannot prevent you from making big moves. 

1923-1927 the foundation 

In 1923, Adolf in association with his elder brother Rudolf launched the company, “ Dassler brothers sports shoes company” and listed it in the commercial register on 1st July 1924. Rudolf was two years older than his brother and before joining the young business, he worked as a police officer. They led the company according to their skills and abilities where Adolf became the technical director due to his love for sports and Rudolf headed the sales and marketing position. 

The first two years of business were difficult financially because the economy was still suffering but the firm would produce fifty shoes in a day from its dozen workers. Among the initial footwear was the leather made football shoe that was favorite among customers. Adolf was the silent and innovative hard worker while Rudolf was the extrovert who would interact with clients and make things happen and in 1926, demand for shoes improved and sales hiked significantly. After the little breakthrough, they moved from the family garage to a nearby space and established more machinery and increased labor where they could produce one hundred shoes in a day. 


1928-1936 Olympic success and Marriage 

The 1928 summer Olympics were held in Amsterdam and it was a chance for Adi to prove that athletes who are properly equipped can run faster, jump higher and make greater moves. Adi gave the German runner Lina Radke a pair of shoes he had developed, each with six spikes on the heel. It made the runner to run faster and complete the race after 2.16.8 minutes making a new world record. It proved the correctness of the footwear and created a good profile for the firm. The whole world witnessed the theory of higher, faster and more effective with the Dassler shoes and sales hiked from there. 

In 1929, the Dassler brothers made a partnership agreement that defined the rights and duties of each partner and they registered patent rights for their product. In 1930, Josef Waitzer promoted the Dassler shoes with his athletic expertise and experience which improved the quality of shoes produced. Both technical directors Adi Dassler and Josef Waitzer, pursued the same vision but using different strategies because, Adolf wanted to prove that athletes could perform better if equipped with more paraphernalia while Josef majored on developing the footwear across the German scope. Each of them understood the impact of their activities and pursued it. 

The following proceeding Olympics happened in 1932 and took place in Los Angeles where more athletes participated in the sports rocking on the Dassler footwear. However, Adi attended more technical training courses to improve skill in making shoes, business techniques and model making. He met Katharina and got married on 17th March 1934, it was a good life for Adolf. 

In 1936, the second Olympic games happened in Berlin and Adi got the initial chance to showcase his product to the world. It was an opportunity of the company to grow with more clients because players rocked on the shoes and made victory. The most famous trade mark for the firm was the Jesse Owens signature victory when she amassed four gold medals wearing lightweight Adolf Dassler’s footwear. Three Olympic methods, seven gold medals and five bronze records were amassed in Dassler’s footwear. 

1937-1945 Nazi Germany and the war years 

In 1933, it was a requirement that every investor should join the National Socialist German workers party. Adolf and Rudolf had to join for the good of the company because contrary to the rule, the business could be destroyed. War time is not great for investments since the political concern is in resolving war rather than making policies to favor enterprises. Among the factors that prompted to joining the social work group was to protect jobs for more than one hundred employees in the trade. However, Adolf was politically misaligned since his sole purpose was to promote athletic capability, so he supported homeland teams regardless of their political affiliation. 

The 1938 Berlin Olympics led to increased demand for shoes in the production firm. It prompted the entrepreneur brothers to launch a new branch in Wurzburger street that improved sales and caused success. With the new branch, the one hundred and fifteen workers would produce one thousand shoes daily regarding different sporting fields.  In the beginning of the world war 11 in 1939, business suffered a major blow since athletic activities halted and sales declined drastically. Adolf got posted as the radio operator in the Air Force and in 1941, he got released from the service and received instructions to make ten thousand five hundred shoes for the German army. As the war progressed to worse conditions, internal strife in the empire developed and the brothers couldn’t agree on essential business matters. 

Adolf was focused on producing shoes, while Rudolf desired improved cash flow and profitability of the company. Rudolf got drafted in the army in 1943, and disagreements escalated, since Rudolf felt that Adolf lacked the business acumen to lead the establishment and he demanded to know about every business decision to the point of suggesting his wife to work on his behalf.  It caused emotional deprivation to Adolf because he couldn’t understand why his partner can think that way of him. However, Adolf declined the proposition because it was against the partnership policy that stated that in the absence of one partner, the other would act the role of owner. The rift between the brothers expanded and caused personal distancing.  

However, Adi dedicated his energy in leading the firm and maintained the jobs of employees especially females whose husbands were away fighting. In 1943, the Dassler firm was the only one producing athletic footwear since raw materials got compromised. However, producing for the army took a backlash since material was dedicated to making weapons and sustaining the army. On 28th October 1943, the minister for industrial and military production directed that resources and labor should be directed towards military sustenance a law that forced the Dassler company to halt operations on the same day. Adolf suspected his brothers involvement in the directive to suspend operations until the war was over, but the firm made weapons for the government until the end of the war. 


1945-1947 postwar events  

After every battle, things do not roll back to normal immediately because the economy is always low and availability of raw materials is always compromised. If a company deals with producing tangible stuff, it may take months or years for production to roll back to normal. It was the same story for the Adolf’s empire because the first two post war years were difficult for them to re unite business and their families. Adolf struggled to keep production of sports gear alive after the war but it was hard since games had reduced. There were some American officials who lived in Adolf’s house since 16th April 1945 who enabled him to access left over material to construct shoes.

 During the denazification process, he was identified as a party member and therefore barred from owning a business but his many employees spoke on his behalf saying he was politically numb. Another savior for Adi was a Jewish friend who testified under oath that Adi took him in to protect him from the Nazi brutality. Adi was designated as a lesser offender and put under a two year probation and could only resume service under custodianship. In February 1947, Adi was reclassified as a follower of the Nazi, which was a lesser offense and was allowed to resume management of the business. 

1948-1949 separation of the brothers and creation of the three stripes 

In 1948, the brothers had a bitter fallout since they couldn’t resolve their differences on who should lead the company. Rudolf accused Adolf of disagreeing on managerial terms in 1945 something that Adolf disproved and their different views of how the company should be run improved the strife. After the fallout, the brothers never spoke again. Adi took the factory by the train station while Rudolf took the one by Wurzburger street and renamed it “ puma”. Two thirds of the workforce decided to stay with Adolf while the rest moved with Rudolf.

Adolf renamed his company to Adolf Dassler special sport shoe production “addas” but added a handwritten letter “I” since the former name was being used by another firm to produce children’s shoes.  The three straps on the Adidas shoe began as a technical improvement but later bevame a trademark. 

1950-1953 boundless hospitality and breakthrough with stud shoes 

After the Dassler brothers finalized their separation, kathe became more involved in the business where she had business skills that boosted Adi’s technical genius into monetary success. She became the center of the Adidas team that had graduated into hosting important people in the German sports fraternity. Sales blossomed and the brand developed to a global brand that produces sports footwear and other accessories.  Adi could practice simple sports discipline to learn about the needs of players in the field to come up with creative production abilities. He practiced tennis, basketball, boxing, volley ball and all sports that require stability of the foot since he reasoned that if he has experienced what a game is like, he can designed the correct shoe to suit it. It is a mentality that is implemented by many successful businessmen who make great impact in the community.  

1954- 1959 ; Removable cleats and the football world championship 1954 

The 1954 era proved to be a beneficial era that magnified the glory of Adidas. Adi participated in the German championship as a mentor and advisor and provided footwear for the sports that improved the popularity of the company among people. He was described as the national “shoemaker” because he produced all types of shoes to perform all methods of playing. He listened to the needs of players and considered them while making shoes in the subsequent production cycle. In the 1954 game against Switzerland, German faced off with Hungary and Adi fixed longer studs for the German team. They maintained a stable game throughout and won a surprise victory of 3:2. Indeed Adidas helped the game to grow.

In 1952, the firm produced its first non-shoe product that was a sports bag and proceeded to making balls and clothes adorned with the three stripes. In 1959, the firm opened a branch in France under the management of Adi’s son Horst. He shared his father’s passion in sports and always had an eye for profitability similar to his sisters Inge, Karin, Brigitte and Singrid who contributed to the growth of the firm from an early age. Inge was the networks manager across Germany, Karin participated in press briefings of the company, Bridgette handled international customers while Singrid managed the textiles department. The whole family was dedicated to the development of firm including Kathes sister who supervised sales throughout Germany. 

1960-1977 worldwide success

In the nineteen sixties, Adidas had employed over five hundred and fifty employees who worked across all the branches. It was categorized as the world’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes and the brand operated sixteen factories that produced over 22,000 shoes per day. However, Adi Dassler remained calm and never sought public appeal nor gave interviews of his success because he was always focused on creating new stuff and amaze the world with his creative abilities. 

He continued registering patent over the years to protect against competitors, including puma. The most outstanding innovations are the removable spikes for track athletes and the six spikes on sports footwear. He also focused on making shoes that would enhance loss of weight to clients and the only method of implementing it was using lightweight material in making shoes. Adi bonded with athletes and enhanced a further bond that assured success of the athletes by making special shoes for them to practice their art. Sports is a form of art that expresses physical ambience and maintains the agility of the body and mind. Adi used the physiological approach to establish success from the mental point to physical manifestation. 

Adi also partnered with orthopedic doctors to make special shoes for injured players that could enhance therapeutic effect to feet. Padding and extra cushioning that could protect the ankles from breaking and hardship added to the process of forming the shoes. in 1971, Muhammad Ali wore Adidas shoes when he met Joe Frazier at the Madison square garden in New york in the fight of a century. Stan Smith a tennis player won the Wimbledon in the Adidas footwear. The only wish for Adi was that players could wear his shoes that could take them to greater levels of success since they were the best in the market. 

In 1967, Adi produced his first track suit with three strips a brand that is common with workout gear today.  The seventies was marked by great sports success and business too. 

1978-1984 death of Adi and kathe 

Death is inevitable to anybody regardless of their social status.  There comes a time when the body puts its guard down and its that moment that completes your legacy. Adi Dassler served his generation upto 1978 when he succumbed to a brief illness. His wife passed away some few years later from illness too. 

China is one of the most productive economies in the world and they produce sneakers too. It is a zone that entails a lot of money. So what sneakers are produced in China? There are many companies that make shoes in the country. Let us look at some of them.

New balance 

It is a brand that consists of perfect cushioned features that protect the feet from suffering injuries. The sole of the footwear is strong enough to accommodate any type of feet structure and strengthens the grip while walking. Who says sneakers? It has to be a person who has experienced the beauty of the footwear in daily activities like workout and jogging alongside the lawn. You should own a pair of the footwear to experience the greatness of the shoe. Most of these footwear can be accessed on the Amazon app at affordable prices. 

One interesting fact about sneakers made in the Asian countries is that it is customized to fill the needs of the Chinese people. People with poor feet structures could be assisted by the footwear to walk well under hard conditions. You will also discover orthopedic shoes in the websites that sell footwear services and if you have a doctor’s recommendation, you should use such shoes to protect feet from suffering more damage. 

Allen Edmonds men’s park

The Allen brand designs perfect footwear for arch feet. If you rock on the shoes and you have painful experiences, the soft pad on it will play a therapeutic role the faulty part therefore causing effectiveness. It has comfort realms that make it enjoyable to walk and play under different circumstances. You only need to procure the correct footwear for your perfect adventure. It is the most outstanding shoe in the Chinese market. A lot of people practice Tai Chi and Kungfu and the Allen brand is the advisable companion for the practice. The prices of sneakers in China vary from those in Nigeria because of the differences in the economic standards. Which sneakers run wide? Of course the Allen brand that provide footwear that has a wide toe cap to accommodate any length of toes and cause them to run on wide and distant surfaces. 

How much is a sneaker in Nigeria? Nigeria is one of the most developed countries in Africa and prices of sneakers depend on the retailers there. Amazon prices depend on the shipping costs which are low in Africa therefore maki9ng sneakers affordable footwear. One sneaker like the puma 68 costs 30,999 Naira which is apparently expensive in the U.S and other European countries. Which sneakers will review your need for comfort? It has to be footwear that is designed with expertise. You should purchase quality footwear and you will not regret.

Final thoughts

Sneakers have a wide history from the Goodyear process of making rubber to stitching tanned leather on rubber soles. It provides effective service to clients.





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