What Are Wrestling Shoes?

What Are Wrestling Shoes?

Are you in the wrestling field? You must be looking for the best information regarding wrestling shoes. 


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Wrestling Shoes

Professional wrestlers use such professional shoes. These are used to provide comfort to the feet to ensure you won’t get an injury or fungal infections. Such type of shoes is designed to offer support to the ankle. These are designed to mimic the barefoot while offering to cushion. The addition of higher arches in such shoes keeps athletes on their toes to allow speed and flexibility.

What Are Wrestling Shoes?

How Are Wrestling Shoes Supposed to Fit?

Wrestling shoes’ appearance is necessary as this helps to boost your confidence. Although it won’t affect the performance, it gives confidence to the player. However, the width should be the first preference while purchasing a pair of wrestling shoes. Always look for a good fit, according to the sizing. You should always allow for a thumb size. 

Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand. For instance, if you have a size 8, that doesn’t mean the cut and manufacturing would be the same. Nike shoes run one size smaller as compared to other brands, like Adidas. 

Wrestling Shoes Made Of

These are specially designed to support feet and ankles. Wrestling shoes add traction to ensure the player doesn't slip during the session. Normally all wrestling shoes are made from rubber, which saves players from sliding on the mat.

If you are looking for full protection, then leather is the best option. This material is strong and durable. It offers more support to ankle and arches. And other than that, your feet feel super smothered and hot. But don't go for them if you are prone to sweating or fungus infection.

Do Wrestling Shoes run big or Small?

The wrong choice could lead to a serious ankle injury. However, having a good pair of wrestling shoes is important to get enough flexibility and needed traction. Wrestling shoes always run smaller than a regular player.

Difference Between Boxing And Wrestling Shoes

These though look alike, but there’re some minor changes. Boxer shoes stand straighter than the wrestler and are super prone to falling, ultimately leading to damage ankle. This is one of the reasons why boxing shoes have a higher ankle than wrestling shoes. Wrestlers always need a better grip, especially when a grappling situation happens. Most wrestling shoes come having studs on the soles. 

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If you want to have a career in wrestling, you need to have a serious shoe pair. These should fit your feet and should improve your performance. 

What Are Wrestling Shoes?


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