What's so special about Toms shoes?

What's so special about Toms shoes?

The entrepreneurial model of Toms shoes has been one of my best shoe brands in the footwear industry. The simplicity and quality of shoes are one thing, there is much more that had made it a favorite shoe brand. I don’t choose Toms merely for high quality shoes, I choose to be part of promoting education, health, and community development programs.

Though Toms are special in everybody's eye due to their unique "One for One" business model, but they are special for many other things too. They are so special in the footwear industry because they also promote health, education and other social welfare programs.

If you want to know what’s so special about Toms shoes, I have you covered. I will talk about everything that has made this brand one of the special shoe brands.

Let’s start.

7 Specialties of Toms Shoes

What's so special about Toms shoes?

Social Impact:

The "One for One" business model is one of the best specialties of Toms Shoes. In this model, they give one pair of shoes for free once you buy a Toms shoe. This way, they distribute millions of shoes free of cost to the public. This model of this brand inserts a significant social impact on the masses worldwide.

Variety of Shoes: 

You can choose any kind of shoes from sneakers, boots, sandals, and flats. That is how Toms shoe brand has competed in the fashion industry by fulfilling the needs of the public with a wide range of shoes.


Sustainable and eco-friendly material has made their shoes sustainable for everyone. The materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp are used to manufacture Toms shoes. This brand is committed to reducing environmental impact by replacing plastic and other hazardous materials.

This sustainable approach of Toms shoe has made it a special shoe brand for those who value eco-friendliness.

Brand Identity:

Social responsibility, sustainability, and community are the top traits of Toms shoes. These specialties of this brand have earned it a remarkable brand identity around the world. Commitment to such motives has made this brand more than just a shoe company.

Today, Toms shoes have become an unstoppable movement in the whole world.

Customer Service:

Contrary to other shoe brands, Toms offer special customer service to all its customers. Their hassle-free return policy has made them the most reliable shoe brand. Even more, they have a professional customer support team that further adds value to their brand.

Their customer-centric focus has satisfied customers on large scale, making it a reliable brand in the world.


Toms shoes have collaborated with all bigger brands in the footwear industry. From Disney to Keith Haring, and Target, Toms has collaborated with a variety of brands and designers. Though Toms believe in quality and simplicity over fancy designs, still they fulfill the needs of people at all scale.

This collaborative approach has helped it achieve a lot of attention from the public with its relevant and fresh shoe models.


There is a big name for Toms shoe whenever there is talk of shoe comfort. They design their shoes with cushioned insoles and flexible soles specifically providing comfort to feet. Contrary to other brands, Toms shoes focus more on comfort and sizing of the shoes, instead of fancy looks and styles.

The comfort-focused approach of Toms shoes has made them the best choice for casual wear and everyday use.

Specialties of TOMS Shoes


Social Impact

"One for One" business model: for every pair of shoes sold, a pair is donated to a person in need. Expansion of impact to include eyewear and clean water initiatives.


Sustainable and eco-friendly materials is used only. Environmental impact reduction initiatives.


Wide range of shoe styles and designs for men and women are available.


Shoes designed for comfort with cushioned insoles and flexible soles that conform to the shape of the foot.


Collaborations with designers and brands to create unique and trendy designs.

Customer Service

Hassle-free return policy and responsive customer support team.

Brand Identity

Strong brand identity built around social responsibility, sustainability, and community.

What is unique about TOMS?

What's so special about Toms shoes?

For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS distributes a pair to a person in need as part of their "One for One" business strategy. The business now offers eyewear, donates glasses to people in need, and supports clean water initiatives. This method of social entrepreneurship has made TOMS stand out from other businesses and contributed to the development of a devoted clientele.

Why are TOMS so popular?

What's so special about Toms shoes?

Customers that appreciate these ideas have responded favorably to the company's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. The "One for One" approach has additionally contributed to the brand's sense of community and purpose, boosting consumer interest in it.

Why was TOMS Shoes so successful?

Due to its distinctive business strategy, marketing and dedication to social responsibility, TOMS Shoes has found success. To establish a sense of community and purpose around its brand, TOMS gave customers a practical opportunity to give back with  a hasstle-free return policy. 

Additionally, customers who appreciate these ideas have responded well to the company's emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

What is the competitive advantage of TOMS?

Toms have built a strong relationship with their customers with their reliable policies. Their business approach is the competitive advantage of Toms over their competitors. From “One for One” to the return policy, every step adds satisfaction to the customers. They have always focused on customer satisfaction with their variety of offers, eventually making it a unique brand.


If you are curious about what’s so special about Toms shoes, “One for One” is not just one unique specialty of this brand, there is much more to know. From social impact to collaboration and comfort to strong customer service, there are many unique specialties of Toms shoes.

As discussed above, Toms shoes are more than just a shoe company, instead their business approach has made it like an unstoppable movement.

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