Where Are Nike Air Force 1 Manufactured? The Truth!

Where Are Nike Air Force 1 Manufactured? The Truth!

Where Are Nike Air Force 1 Manufactured? The Truth!

Are you curious about where the famous Nike Air Force 1 shoes are manufactured? Well, wherever you go online and search for them, most of the articles and pictures say that these shoes are made in China. But what's the truth? Does Nike really manufacture outside the USA? It's time to find out the truth. 

Nike Air Force 1 shoes are usually manufactured in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. More than 95 percent of the manufacturing is done in these countries, while a few are also made in other countries (including the USA). 

Want to find out why Nike has chosen third-world countries and not the US for manufacturing of Air Force 1? Then stay till the end.

Why Nike Prefers Third World Countries For Making Air Force 1?

Nike has factories in over 41 countries, and most of them are in the third world. It’s not a coincidence or a random fact. The simple reason why Nike prefers to manufacture Air Force 1 in third-world countries is that it is cost-effective and, ultimately, best for the business.

The shoe manufacturing company usually makes the most shoes in Vietnam, which is then followed by China and then Indonesia. These three countries account for almost 96% of the total Nike shoe manufacturing.

Other third-world countries that also make Air Force 1 are Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. Nike also manufactures a few accessories in the USA as well (but footwear is not one of them). 

So, how is the Nike Air Force 1 production cost-effective in countries like Vietnam, China, and Indonesia? Let's find out. 

Cheap Labour

The main reason why bigger brands like Nike, Apple, Ferrari, etc., make their products in China, India and other third-world countries is because of the cheap or affordable labor. 

Skilled people charge a lot in Europe and North America, but companies pay a lot less to people in third-world countries having the same skills. And No, these people don’t mind!


The reason why people from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc., happily agree to lower salaries is that their country's currency is struggling against the US dollar. So, when they convert the US money (even a small paycheck) into their local currencies, it is still a big amount for them. Plus, the inflation is a lot lower in these countries than in the European and American states. 

Cheaper Fuel/Electricity

Another reason why Nike Air Force 1 production in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia is cost-effective is that the fuel and electricity are cheaper there than in the USA. 

Fuel and electricity play a big part in the operation costs. When companies have to pay less for these two things, their manufactured expenditures are reduced, which ultimately benefits them. 

In addition, many third-world countries also offer subsidies on fuel and electricity to foreign companies. The reason is that their governments want more companies to start their manufacturing plants there, which will create more jobs for the locals. That is why Nike finds it lucrative to manufacture Air Force 1 and other shoes in these countries. 

Less Expenditure on Materials

The cost of shoe manufacturing materials like Leather, Rubber, Polyester, etc., is lower in third-world countries than in the USA. It is because these things are generally made in these countries and then imported to the West.  

So, Nike can save a lot of money by manufacturing shoes there. 

If Nike starts making Air Force 1 shoes in the US only, then the price may go up threefold. 

Less Tax Will Be Implied

The last big reason why Nike prefers to manufacture Air Force 1 in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia is that the company has to pay less tax there. In the USA and Europe, the taxing system is a lot stronger. Plus, they also take a big chunk of the income of the company (which, understandably, no one likes). 

That is why a lot of international brands (like Nike) prefer to make their products in third-world countries. 

Can I See Where My Air Force 1 is Manufactured?

You can see where the Nike Air Force 1 was manufactured by looking at the tag of the shoe. There, the manufacturing date, country, and list of other things are mentioned. 

If you are living in the USA, chances are you will see the Made in Vietnam tag mostly. On a few occasions, you may also see the Made in Indonesia or Made in China tag on Air Force 1 shoes as well.

Also, if you see a tag where the name of any other country is mentioned in addition to these three, then don’t get worried and think that these Nike Air Force 1 shoes are fake. As mentioned above, Nike also makes shoes in other countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc. 

Since When Is Nike Manufacturing Air Force 1? 

Nike first manufactured Air Force 1 in 1982, and then it stopped making it. But due to the high demand, Nike re-started manufacturing in 1984, and since then, it has been people’s favorite. 

It is now estimated that Nike Air Force 1 generates revenue of more than 800 million dollars every year. 

Final Words

All-inclusive, Air Force 1 is one of the most popular Nike shoes that are manufactured mainly in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. More than 95 percent of Nike shoes are made in these three countries, and Air Force 1 is also no exception. Other countries that also manufacture these Nike shoes are Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. 

The reason Nike and other big international brands prefer to set up a factory in third-world countries is that the manufacturing cost is a lot less as compared to America and Europe. 

Companies pay less salary, spend less on fuel, electricity, & manufacturing material, and also pay less tax. As a result, they earn more profit (it's simple economics). 

So that is why Nike prefers Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and other third-world countries to make Air Force 1.

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