Which Brand Is Best, Nike Or New Balance? [An Insight]

Which Brand Is Best, Nike Or New Balance? [An Insight]

Whether you are a shoe freak or not, Nike and New Balance are the two shoe brands that must own a huge place in your cupboard; if not, you must be making up your mind to hit them up. The logo, quality, and designs speak about their name and prove that both are adorable and swoon-worthy brands.

Apart from dozens of similarities, both brands hold some differences and uniqueness, so they each beat others in various categories, such as New Balance has a slight edge on its innovative and unique design collection of wider shoes for people with wider feet. In contrast, Nike shoes tend to produce narrow with standard sizes. 

There are a few more differences between both brands that you can explore by reading the blog post ahead - the given information will make it easy for you to decide your next shoe pick.

New Balance vs. Nike: General Comparison

Which Brand Is Best, Nike Or New Balance? [An Insight]

New Balance 


This company was founded in 1906 by William J Riley.

Nike was established in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

Manufactures all shoes in the USA 

Nike manufactures shoes in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. 

Produce wider shoes. 

Shoes have a narrow fit, especially from the midsole and heel.

Manufacture shoes using FuelCell, and Fresh Foam.

Use Air Technology.

New Balance vs. Nike: Basic Differences 

Which Brand Is Best, Nike Or New Balance? [An Insight]

Nike and New Balance differ from each other in terms of design, technology, fit, price, and size. 

Below we have shed some light on the features of both brands to help you identify which brand is leading in the concerned category!  

Fitting And Sizing

Undoubtedly, the most significant difference between Nike and New Balance is the size and fit of the shoes. New Balance crafts shoes for men, women, kids, and unisex, with a diverse design range - most of their running shoes come in broad ranges, such as B for women and D for men.

Contrary to this, Nike shoes come in a standard size, and only a few models have wide-width options.

Our Take:

The biggest perk of New Balance is the availability of shoes in wide widths, making it easy for people with extra wide feet to find the perfect pair. Nike needs to improve on this point; hence, New Balance is the winner in terms of sizing and fit. 

Design And Material 

Without any second thought, Nike and New Balance shoes are aesthetically appealing and stylish; still, some differences exist in the design and material used. 

The New Balance shoes are made of suede and mesh or synthetic and mesh material. These excellent combinations offer next-level stability for the user's feet to stay in the shoes while walking, running, jogging, or busy in gym workouts. The mesh and perforation provide good air circulation; New Balance shoes keep the feet cool no matter how long you wear them.

Conversely, Nike uses a specialized mesh made of light ripstop fabric or Nike Flyknit material. This material is lighter and ensures enough air circulation while maintaining flexibility. Sometimes, their shoes feature Dynamic Fit Technology and the brand's Flywire. This technology warps the arch and midfoot region of the shoes to give wearers a firm fit, and feet will feel snug even if you tie the laces tightly. 

Which Brand Is Best, Nike Or New Balance? [An Insight]

Our Take:

Although both brands produce top-quality shoes, the ratings show that Nike has the upper hand. In the world's top 100 brands list, Nike stands at 7, and on the list of top 1000 brands, New Balance stands at 993. The shoes feature logos of both brands and are also different in colors and sole thickness; in the end, it is your choice to pick one that best suits you. 


Nike and New Balance are famous brands producing shoes for sports personnel and other users. Their shoes have a range of cushioning, from minimalist shoes to racing flats, with virtually no cushioning to highly cushioned shoes. 

New Balance used FuelCell, and Fresh Foam in their shoes to give deep cushioning without increasing the weight. FuelCell is the best nitrogen-infused foam that gives extra responsiveness and softness, ultimately providing users with a heaven-like feeling. 

In 1977, Nike started using air in their shoes to improve cushioning; their Air Technology uses pressurized air in the flexible bag to offer more spring without harming the structure. 

Due to their air-filled cells, and other foam, Nike shoes provide better cushioning by lessening shock. Since 1990, Nike has focused more on manufacturing sustainable shoes by recycling waste.

Our Take:

No one is a clear winner here; both have their technologies and are best in their ways. Although New Balance Provides better arch support and is excellent for treating Plantar Fasciitis, many athletes still prefer buying Nike shoes. 


The durability of both brands is almost the same; both manufacture their shoes to last a maximum of 300 to 500 miles, although some expensive models are lower than that. 

Nike Carbon Fiber Vapor Fly comes with a hefty price tag and runs for almost 200-300 miles, but remember, it is the best racing shoe, not the everyday shoe. It is the life expectancy of Nike one model; how long the shoe lasts depends on various other factors. The body size, way of using, running duration, the terrain you are mainly running, and environmental condition. 

Our Take:

Nike shoes are liked more by athletes worldwide due to many qualities; still, New Balance is not far behind. In terms of durability, both are great in their ways. Ultimately, how long the shoes last depends on how users use them.  

Price Comparison 

Not all shoes are available at the same price; you can find a diverse range of Nike and New Balance shoes at different prices due to design, size, and material usage. 

Nike starts at a higher price of $120 to $180; New Balance prices range from $80 to $130. For both manufacturers, the most well-liked models are more expensive. Shoes made of carbon fiber and trail shoes frequently cost more than that, such as the Vapor Fly, which costs more than $200.

Our Take:

Regarding price New Balance is a clear winner due to its wide range of shoes and affordability. Nike shoes are slightly more expensive, due to which not everyone can afford them; in this case, you can straightaway go for New Balance to enjoy the same comfort at less rate. 

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Our Summary 

Nike and New Balance are the world's renowned brands that produce amazing running shoes with a diverse range, but there is a dilemma for many shoe buyers to decide whether to invest in Nike or New Balance.

 Both brands manufacture stylish, durable, aesthetically appealing, and well-cushioned shoes, so it is difficult to take one name. In some categories, Nike leads, but in many categories, New Balance wins so that you can choose any of the ones confidently. However, Nike is more famous as it ranks at number 7 in the top 100 shoe brands (literally wow!), but New Balance is an affordable shoe brand.

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